Staffordshire Terrier: the character of the dog and advice to a beginner dog.


The most dangerous, evil breed of dogs is the American Staffordshire Terrier, these are real beasts and misanthropic! In fact, nothing is further from the truth than this statement. Dog Stafford - the exact opposite of what was said. Friendly to all living things, the dog is not aggressive, and there is no malice in it at all. Whoever comes to your house, the Staffordshire Terrier will be happy with any guests, he will perfectly get along with other animals in one house and will never express aggression, even as a measure of self-defense. Thus, the breed is little suited to protect the owner and the house, so wishing to get not only a friend but also a guard, it is better to pay attention to another breed.

Staffordshire terrier dog is very active, mobile and incredibly playful. It's not surprising, because in the blood of Stafford boils the blood of a terrier! Most of all they like to run and frolic with other dogs or play with the hosts. Taking the staff owners should be ready not only to train, but also pay special attention to physical stress.

Breed standard (short).


46-48 см. Growth of a male: 46-48 cm.

43-46 см. Height of a bitch: 43-46 cm.

28-40 кг. Weight male: 28-40 kg.

28-40 кг. Weight female: 28-40 kg.

How much does a Staffordshire terrier puppy cost?

до 250$. "With hands": up to 250 $.

до 500$. PET-class: up to $ 500.

от 800$ до 1000$. BRID-class: from $ 800 to $ 1000.

от 1000$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 1000 $ and above.

Care and maintenance.

ниже среднего. Complexity of care: below average.

не более 2х раз в год. How many times to bathe: no more than 2 times a year.

внутри дома, в тёплых условиях. Preferred living conditions: inside the house, in warm conditions.

10-12 лет. Life expectancy: 10-12 years.

США. Country: USA.

около 1936 г. The date of the birth of the breed: about 1936.

Группа 3. Group FCI: Group 3.

Секция 3. Section FCI: Section 3.

286. FCI No. 286.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Education and training:

ниже среднего. The complexity of education: below average.

ниже среднего. Complexity of training: below average.

с 10-12 лет. You can deal with a child with: from 10-12 years.

Purpose of the breed.

собака-компаньон. Primary appointment: companion dog.

стаф служит человеку исключительно компаньоном. Where it is used now: the staf serves a person exclusively as a companion.

Attitude towards living beings.

очень дружелюбное. Strangers: very friendly.

любящее, внимательное. Children living in the family: loving, attentive.

очень дружелюбное. Animals: very friendly.

Level of activity and paddock:

очень высокая. The need for activity: very high.

очень высокая. Playfulness: very high.

приблизительно 1,5-2 часа/день. Walking time: approximately 1,5-2 hours / day.

стаффорд любит игры с хозяином, бег или с удовольствием пробежится рядом с ним на велосипеде. Intensity of walking: Stafford loves playing with the owner, running or with pleasure will run next to him on a bicycle.


Friendly both to animals living in the family, and to all others who will be met during the walk.

They love children.

Love people. The staf was not created for protection and protection.

Incredibly affectionate and affectionate with family members.

Excellent training.

Can be trained to defend the host, but only in a sportive manner, without the development of anger.


There are no visible flaws.

Ideal companions for:

Those who often receive guests.

Active people, athletes.

Families with small children.

Families with animals.

Bad choice for:

Inactive, lazy people.

Character and description of the American Staffordshire terrier. Who will approach the breed?

Despite the serious appearance, the character of the American staffordshire terrier is very easygoing, friendly and affectionate. To outsiders, Stafford is good-natured, and will gladly greet visitors or acquaintances who come to the house during the walk. So much he will be pleased to meet the dogs on a walk, and also make friends with any pets. The staf is excellent for children, will tolerate their antics and will never respond aggression even to the most painful antics of kids. Communication of any breed and child should be supervised by parents, however from this dog it is not necessary to wait for a threat. Responsibly engage in training and education, then everything will be in perfect order. Also it is worth remembering that the Staffordshire Terrier is an active breed, so it needs physical activity.

Staf will be a good choice for a single person, and for a large family with children. But, nevertheless, the breed is very communicative, and it will be more comfortable in the society of a large number of people. If you need not only a good dog, but also a defender for the family, then Stafford is not exactly what you need. They were not created to protect, better pay attention to another breed. Although the staff can be trained to protect the host in a sportive manner, without developing anger. Read more below.

Maintenance and care for Stafford.

American Staff Puppy

The American Staffordshire Terrier does not require much personal care. The dog will be enough to wipe with a damp terry towel from time to time, in order to remove the small dropping wool and pieces of dead skin. After a walk, you also need to wipe the beast, but you should not bathe the staff more than twice a year. As well as other breeds, Stafford once a year leads to a veterinarian for vaccinations.

The main duties of the owners to care for the dog consist in the need to ensure full-fledged walking. A dog that does not walk will direct energy to disobedience to master teams, it will be worse to learn new ones, can start to entertain themselves, naughty in the house or, worst of all, the accumulated power will cause aggression. On the day the staff needs about 1.5-2 hours of activity. You can do jogging, cycling, or just teach the dog the command "aport" and "give", then just throw a stick and thus walk faster. In any case, do not deprive the breed of what she likes so much - walking.

The food of Stafford differs little from the nutrition of other breeds of dogs. Feed it either with natural food, or buy quality dry food. Drying is more advantageous in terms of time, but it is somewhat more expensive than naturalki. Natural food will take away from the owner a little more than his time, however, the food purchased independently will be controlled by the owner, and therefore the porridge does not include any missing or not quality food. What's better? Reply is difficult. If you feed dry food, then only good, for example, Akana, otherwise the food of the middle class is better to prefer natural food.

Education and training of the American Staffordshire terrier.

Due to the high level of learning ability and amazing complaisance, the training of the American Staffordshire Terrier is not more difficult than the training of a German shepherd. Staffords are very smart and easy-to-understand dogs that quickly learn new teams and memorize them for a long time. Even children who are 10-12 years old can engage in training the breed, but then parents should help them, just in case. It's easier to immediately register for a training course, where an experienced cynologist will tell you how to properly teach the animal and which teams to start with. To train a staff for the protection of the host with the development of anger is impossible, since the breed is not intended for protection and protection, but in the sportive form an experienced cynologist can teach the dog to protect the owners. This is possible only if the dog is perfectly listened to the host's commands, and nothing else!

Education of a puppy of the American Staffordshire Terrier should begin from the moment of its appearance in the house, or even better prepare for it in advance. First of all, the owners learn to behave with the dog, for which you need to be a little familiar with her psychology. For a dog, rules of conduct in the house are set so that she understands what she is allowed and what is forbidden. It takes time - immediately to explain to the animal everything that is wanted from him is impossible, as it is unrealistic for a beginner to know and remember everything about the education of dogs. Be sure to make mistakes on the part of the host regarding the education of staff, but the main thing is just to solve the problems in the behavior in time, try to notice your own mistakes and not allow them anymore. With the proper work of the owners, Stafford quickly throws up the habit of gnawing things, picking food from the floor or taking delicacy from the hands of strangers, the breed will not get used to the toilet on the street for long, throw the habit of biting hands in the game or jumping on members of the family with paws after separation. In general, the Staffordshire terrier breed of dogs is very obedient and will be what the owners want it to be.

Stafford - a unique breed! Be careful, since the one who started the staff will never give up this wonderful dog! Want to know more about it? Then the video below is just for you!

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