The best breeds of dogs for a family with children.


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What kind of dogs are the best and best for a family with children? What kind of breed should you take in a family with young children, that she is either just a good friend for each family member, or that she could protect her? Depending on the purposes with which you want to take a puppy or an adult dog, and your opportunities, you should choose the breed in a family with kids.

From what age of the child can you take a dog, what sex, sizes and whom to take: a puppy or an adult dog?

, и когда он сможет понять как вести себя с этим животным. It is best to take a dog when the child turns 4-6 years old , and when he can understand how to behave with this animal. You can take the dog even in a family with a one-year-old child, the main thing - watch their communication, do not leave alone, and seriously engage in the upbringing and training of the dog, whatever breed it may be. That is, I want to say that everything depends on the owner! The dog will behave as the owner allows. It is your continuation.

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Breeds of large dogs, although they are good for children, but require serious education!

Dogs of small breeds - which individuals distinguished themselves from other representatives of the canine world by the most modest size of the body?

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What sex dogs should I choose for families with children and who is better: male or female ? It does not matter what sex the dog is. Parenting is everything. Although, bitches are a little more accommodating and affectionate than males. You can take a small puppy, from which you "blind" what you want, or an adult dog - and you fully adapt it to yourself. For children, an adult dog will treat well if the owner simply practices a dog. The owner of the animal depends on everything in full.

What size animal is preferred: small or large? It is more preferable to take a large dog in a family with young children, since a large dog will ignore children's pranks, and innocent childish punches and spanking the dog will not bring much trouble. At least they will not make you angry. A small dog feels the impact of a child more strongly, therefore, its reaction is more aggressive. As you understand, it is better not to let the child superfluous with any dog.

Small breeds of dogs for families with children.

  1. . Pug . Cheerful, cheerful temperament and friendly character - pugs are certainly an excellent breed of dogs for families with children. These cute creatures are eager to frolic, but most of the time the pug is more likely to spend on the couch peacefully snoring, and therefore frequent walks for the pug are not relevant. This animal needs a certain care, but it definitely will not offend the child. Nevertheless, the communication of a small child and any dog ​​should be monitored.
  2. . The French Bulldog . Once upon a time, a bulldog puppy cost more than a Ford car, but even now for any breed owner, a French bulldog is more expensive than the smartest car. Only one of its appearance can be charged with a positive for the whole day, and the character and amusing manner of behavior will make a victim of the unearthly charm of anyone who will get a chance to meet this sweet living creature. The French bulldog is a playful creation, but he does not have enough activity for a long time, so the dogs prefer quiet sleep.
  3. . English Bulldog . Calm temper and temperament temperament - an English bulldog is definitely created to be a friend for all family members. Protect the owner of the breed is not created, but the bulldog can still grab the enemy. Do not be afraid, to the antics of children bulldog amorphous. Be careful, because those who have started this breed, despite the snoring and other minor shortcomings, will never abandon it from now on. The charm of a bulldog is enough to charm even the most stale heart.
  4. - создание дружелюбное и очень активное. Poodle - the creation of a friendly and very active. Poodle is extremely easy to train teams, it's just as easy to educate and not difficult to care for. You definitely should stop on this breed, if you are an active person, like long walks or running. Also, the poodle will be able to play with the children for a long time, and the raised animal will not touch the child even for a slap or blow.
  5. . Welsh corgi pembroke and cardigan . Very amusing creatures, which are rapidly gaining popularity due to their sweet appearance and ever-childlike character. These little dogs are real bastards, and can entertain kids with games for a long time. Do you like long walks? Then Corgi is definitely your choice!
  6. . Cocker Spaniel . No other breed is capable of loving the way a cocker spaniel does. Affectionate, flexible and completely harmless creatures, cocker spaniels have a supernatural charm and are excessively affectionate to the owner. The breed barely barks, is gentle with children, who will not miss the opportunity to walk, loves active games, long walks and will definitely appreciate the opportunity to run with the owner. Perhaps, the only drawback of the cocker is the wool for which you need to look after.

Large breeds of dogs for families with children.

Large breeds of dogs for families with children will do better, and below you will see a list of breeds that are best suited for the purpose of a friend in a family with young children. You can take another large breed that is not on the list, but you can not neglect education and training.

What kind of dog to choose to protect the family and children?

  1. . German Shepherd . A truly magnificent animal, which has gained fame thanks to its unique character traits and supernatural beauty. This breed is a first-class bodyguard and bodyguard, devoted to the owner and kind to the children. The German Shepherd is good at learning and well remembering commands, but the inherent cunning of the breed may require the owner to have intense brain activity. Also, the sheepdog is very active, and therefore she needs an equally active family.
  2. . A boxer . Looking from the side for communication of the child and the boxer, it seems as if the breed was created to love children. The boxer really has some kind of quivering attitude toward children, and the image of the "lover of children" is also supplemented by an astonishing patience and balanced character. At the same time, the breed is active and requires increased physical exertion.
  3. . Cane Corso . It is widely believed that Cane Corso is not indifferent to children. And in truth, Corso loves children, which are treated as an object of special significance: they guard, tolerate pranks and forgive mistakes. Cane Corso is extremely dedicated and even more affectionate, emotionally dependent on his master. In general, the breed has a balanced, calm character, but in the event of a threat to the life of its family turns into a devil, hidden deep in the bottomless eyes.
  4. . Newfoundland . These powerful big men, despite their huge size, rather evoke tenderness, rather than fear. Newfoundlands are very good creatures, created to save people, and therefore to train to protect the owner of the breed will not succeed. But Newf is fond of children and, in the event of a threat to life, will certainly be on the side of the hosts. If you are not a very active person and do not like long walks, then Newfoundland is your choice.
  5. . St. Bernard . The famous breed is distinguished by divine kindness and unshakable calmness - there is nothing that could put St. Bernard out of balance, except for the threat of life to its owners. These traits are important to families with children. It is not possible to train Saint-Bernard purposefully to protect the host, but, like Newfoundland, he will not be afraid of the enemy and will protect the family.
  6. . Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier (see the video at the end of the article) . Many people consider nonsense to take a puppy of these breeds in a family with young children, but during the breeding years the breeders completely removed from the dog's blood any aggression. Moreover, the aggression in dogs was only for other dogs (for dog fights), and people they had to love, so that the owners could separate the fighting dogs and not suffer themselves. Bullterriers and staffs, taken from adequate breeders, are critically patient and will withstand any violence against themselves on the part of the child. Another thing is that you can not allow this. Also, you can train dogs of these breeds for protection only in sports form. Since anger is not peculiar to them.

Large breeds of dogs for families with children (family friends).

  1. . Golden Retriever . Initially, the breed was used for hunting, and subsequently for the search for explosives and drugs, participation in rescue operations. Now, a golden retriever is much more likely to be found in families, especially with children. The breed is excellent for training, very affectionate, flexible and tender with all members of the family. Like many breeds, the retriever needs active physical exertion.
  2. . Labrador Retriever . The breed used to help fishermen and hunters before successfully doing it now. In general, labradors are the best breed of dogs for a family with children, which will be confirmed to you by any American. In this country, the breed for more than 20 years does not leave the first places in the popularity ratings. Labradors are positive about children and love active games. Note that you, as the owner, will have to take care of enough physical exertion.
  3. . Irish Setter . Kind and affectionate, setters are born friends, although they are still able to hunt game. They are gentle towards children and love physical activity, and therefore the family needs a mobile setter. Also, the owners should prepare for caring for the animal's hair, which will be a lot.
  4. . Border collie . Collie, the most intelligent breed of dogs in the world , was bred to help herdsmen graze herds of sheep, but grazing the children at the collie is no worse than sheep. That is, the collie treats the children well, and from it a good dog will come out for a family with children. Being a very active animal, a collie will not miss the opportunity to run and frolic, therefore, the family needs active and mobile. Do you like running? Collie, too!

Now you know what breeds of dogs are best for families with children, and you can choose the best for yourself. A list of suitable breeds of dogs for families with children can be continued for a long time, because any dog, whether it belongs to any breed or not, will be good to every member of the family. Of course, the animal must be trained and educated for this purpose. Be sure to read about how to raise a dog , and what commands for training dogs are the most necessary. And see the short video below about a very patient dog :)

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What is the best dog for children ?

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It is widely believed that there are such breeds of dogs that do not shed at all. This is not quite true. But there is good news for allergy sufferers, namely: a four-witted friend can be at everyone.

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