Who better to take: a male or a female?


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Determined with the choice of dog breed, you are probably thinking: who is better, male or female? The sex of the animal should be chosen more on the basis of personal preferences than from some good. Although there are certain advantages and disadvantages in both sexes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the dog.


Unlike a bitch, a dog can not "fly in". This deprives the owners of a headache during the heat.

Dogs are bigger than bitches. Most breeders prefer males as they grow somewhat larger than bitches. Power is relevant for dogs, which are taken not only for the purpose of being a friend of the family, but also as a defender. Although more appreciated is not the massive nature of the dog, but its training to protect the owner. That is, the malice and the ability to protect the owner need to be developed in the lessons of the cynologist.

For mating the male owner takes one or several puppies. Knit it can be up to 4 times a month, but more often knit no more than 2 times. To the dog enjoyed such popularity, it is necessary that he was really interesting from the point of view of breeding.


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Breeds of large dogs need serious training and responsible education. But, as they say, the more a dog - the more love :)

Males always suffice, and that it was interesting for the owners of bitches, you need a good pedigree. But the trained, thoroughbred dog will be "in great demand".

Males are a little more stubborn, more capricious and aggressive than a bitch. However, this does not mean that the difference in upbringing and training is fundamentally large. Just with the dog owner should be a little more insistent.

Dogs are more likely to dominate.

Having smelled the smell of the current bitch, the dog will surely run after her. To control it at such a moment is very problematic, but if the owner is seriously engaged in training, the dog will definitely prefer the master team to any smell. That is, the control of the dog during the estrus of the bitch is very much possible.

Poorly educated males will mark the territory in the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bitch.


Puppies, perhaps, are one of the main advantages of a bitch. A huge variety of fluffy lumps is a buzz for a real doggie. The truth is to breed only those animals that are of interest for further breeding. There is no such thing as "how to lead on mating for health". The dog has no health benefits from knitting.

More choice of partners for mating. The owner of a bitch always has a choice.

It will be slightly easier for a beginner dog to educate and train a female, rather than a male. Again, this should not be a decisive factor when choosing a dog. Success in education and training depends more on the diligence of the owner.

Bitches are more accommodating, gentle and affectionate. Males are more independent and independent. Here already to whom what traits of character like.

A bitch is easier to control during her estrus. Do not listen to those who say that the bitch ceases to perform the master's commands during the heat. Of course, during this period she is not so willing to obey the master, however, with proper training, she will certainly follow orders.


Puppies are good, but only when they were planned in advance. During the estrus, one has to be more careful and watch over the beast, so as not to allow an unwanted pregnancy. Read more about how long the estrus in dogs lasts and how the host behaves during this natural process.

. Conclusions . Do not get hung up on particularly whom it is better to choose: male or female. Just take the floor that you prefer. Devotion to the owner equally well stores both male and female. The main thing is to educate your pet, cultivating it obedient.

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