What kind of dog to choose?


what kind of dog to choose

Thinking about acquiring a pet, but do not know which breed of dog to choose yet? More specifically, how to choose a dog breed you will learn in several lines below.

Although this article does not tell you a specific breed, but does much more - it will show what to look for in order to be able to choose the most suitable breed for itself.

Read more about which breed of dog is best for you below by reference. You will find out which breed is most suitable for your character and lifestyle, which is easier to train and train!

The choice of dog breed should coincide not only with your personal preferences, but also with needs, as well as opportunities. Under the possibilities, I mean the budget that will be allocated for maintenance, the time that you can give to the dog, as well as your place of residence.

It is logical that any animal should be provided with a decent content: it is good to feed, patiently educate, train, and also to walk for a long time. This, of course, is not a complete list. But to decide which breed of dogs to choose is not difficult, the main thing is to be able to assess their capabilities.

Why do you need a dog?

The dog of the guard breed is an excellent protector for you and your home. But hunting is not much use from the watchdog. But the hunting dog (with proper training) will gladly participate in the hunt. However, if uninvited visitors come to your house, then rely on the hunter's protection naively.

I know cases when a hunting dog (setter and even a cocker spaniel) was taught to attack at the command of the host per person. As a result, an angry, nervous, aggressive dog turned out. Let the dogs do what they must do. Teaching a dog against her calling is an ungrateful thing. Think carefully about which breed of dog to choose.

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The largest dog in the world weighs like a small foal. About dogs of surprising sizes further under the link.

Small dogs of the breed - you will be surprised to learn how many weigh the miniature representatives of the world of dogs.

The most expensive dog is the one that lives with you. This is if you mean its value to you. But there are dogs, the cost of which is a fortune.

Do you need a dog to protect the house and the whole friendly family? More reliable means of protection, in spite of modern security systems, simply do not. But if you often receive guests, then the guard dog is unlikely to appreciate the strangers in the house. To preserve the protective qualities of the dog will have to be locked for the time of arrival of guests. But not for all time !!!

Of course, you can train the animal to react calmly to the guests, but not the fact that it will not let the stranger in until you are home. That she does not admit others, the dog should work (I'll write about it soon).

You will ask: " What kind of dog will suit me , if I do not think about hunting, and I have never kept a gun, but I do not need a guard dog because of certain circumstances." Perhaps you should take a look at the decorative rocks. I do not presume to advise a certain breed, you just need to get acquainted with the nature of the breed you like, does it suit your lifestyle?

Your place of residence and choice of breed.

If you live in an apartment, then keep in mind that the dog requires regular, long walks. Without the necessary physical exercise, the dog will find what to do with himself. Often, from his fun things suffer. On the Internet it is often written that hunting breeds require much more time for walking. But if the dog lives in an apartment, then in any case, she should give more time to rest outside the house.

Many dog ​​breeders believe that if a dog lives in a private house, then it is enough for him to run around the yard to walk. But this is a big mistake. Do not torment the animal, at least an hour a day for a walk worth giving. Can you do more? No matter how much you walk, the dog will not be enough.

By the way, if you take a dog not as a guard or a defender, but simply as a pet - my advice will not surprise you: take a dog of small breeds. However, be sure to read its nature and determine the gender, reading about who to take a bitch or a male in the section "Breeds of dogs."

Features of the breed.

Note that some breeds require much more grooming. For example, long wool, though better protects against cold weather, but dirt attracts like a magnet. Add to this molting (twice a year), which is unlikely to please residents of the apartment. raznye porody sobak

If your chosen breed has a long coat - you will have to learn how to use a comb and other reasons. A lot of people living in apartments, this problem solves this way, and very successfully.

If you do not want to bother with hair, then pay attention to the woolly dogs. Again, I can not say what kind of dog to choose , because I do not know what purpose the dog takes. Learn more about the breed you like, and be sure to take into account its woolen cover.

Many advise large dogs to start only physically strong people. I immediately remember a woman attending training sessions with the German Shepherd. In his 7 months, the dog weighed at least 45 kg (!), As, approximately, and his mistress. The picture is still one. But her work I admired. She did not experience any problems with training, all that she did was correctly train her dog. In her hands, the dog was a little puppy, obediently performing every command.

A responsible approach, on your part, to training and education will allow you to take a dog of any size.

If after thinking what breed of dogs you choose to stop at Stafford, Bull Terrier, or Pit Bull Terrier, then think again. The breed is quite complicated, I do not recommend starting a new one.

It is interesting.

What breeds are distinguished by their best learning ability and which is the most intelligent dog in the world? About the cleverest friends of the person further in the article.

Beautiful dogs come only from caring owners. Look at the photos of the most beautiful dogs in the world from the list, whose owners probably love their pupils.

At the same time, I am well acquainted with people for whom the above mentioned breeds became the first dog. But they were very serious about raising a dog, training, and when the slightest problem in the behavior of the animal - immediately sought solutions.

If you are willing to give the dog much attention, you are going to train her, then you will succeed. Irresponsible people who have brains an order of magnitude smaller than a canary, a fighting dog dog, like any other - uncontrolled weapons.

If you have kids, then read about the best breeds of dogs for children. Remember that the communication of a small child with a dog should be monitored. It is difficult to advise the breed here, because all children like to pull at the ears, pinching, pulling and experimenting with the dog in every way that the latter does not like. A dog in the house, no matter if there is a child or not, requires a serious upbringing and training.

By the way, I know a lot of people with small children in the family, who have a very cozy life at home, the same pit and even a rarity in our time - bull terrier. But I repeat: a dog of any breed requires a responsible approach! If you have problems - contact a specialist, and also look for answers yourself.

Be sure to read how to choose a puppy.


Read the description of the exterior, the nature of the breed you like. Be ready to educate the dog, train it to take the desired breed without hesitation. Do not be guided by well-known stereotypes (many still poke a puppy in a puddle, so that he does not do this more). About mistakes when raising a puppy, I wrote, it will be easier for you with your puppy, if you learn from other people's mistakes. Article in the "Education of a puppy."

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And last. We need a friend, a defender, a faithful and fearless, easily trained, an excellent choice for beginners and families with children (with proper upbringing and control)? Let me seem old-fashioned, but take the German Shepherd, and you can consider which breed of dogs to choose to be closed.

schenok nemeckoi ovcharki aika

I read on one "dog" website that the German Shepherd is a breed for people with experience in training and education. Immediately remember the guy who went to our classes together with the German Shepherd Berta. He was only 10 years old. But he coped with the dog perfectly. True, he was assisted by an experienced cynologist, and the guy himself experienced the pleasure of communicating with the dog.

Below is a high-quality video about the choice of breed and a few moments about upbringing. I wish you pleasant viewing and good luck in choosing a true friend!

What is the best dog for the protection of the house ? From which breeds to choose?

Take a dog to protect the house, apartment or family in general - a great idea! The dog will be a faithful, devoted friend and protector of you and all family members (even the smallest), and an inexorable enemy to those who wish you evil. Respect it.

What kind of breed should I choose for my lifestyle ? - you ask. The answer is already there!

Such an exciting, tremulous and responsible moment ... The decision to take a puppy, almost like a decision to have children. Let each dog breeder, who recalls his dog with a small, funny puppy, even envies you. Oh yeah, the article will help you with the choice of breed :)

Your child has long asked for a dog and you, surrendering under the pressure of his tearful moleb, decided to purchase a puppy? The article will tell you which breed to choose a child as a friend or not just a friend, but also a brave defender.

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