What breeds of dogs almost do not shed?


the dog lies in the wool

Looking for a breed of dogs that does not shed? Find a dog that does not molt at all - it's impossible, but some breeds moult much less than others.

Most breeders agree that the coat of pets can become a serious threat to the cleanliness of the house. Falling hair is unlikely to decorate the interior, in addition, it negatively affects the health of people suffering from allergies and other skin diseases. In view of the foregoing, such a natural process as molting - should not be the decisive factor in your decision to have a dog. There are, after all, breeds of dogs that do not shed , almost ...

With this in mind, I compiled a list of rocks that shed far less than others. If the number of "produced fur" is a serious argument in your decision to start a dog, then any of the rocks considered below can become a candidate for the role of a pet.

1. West Highland White Terrier.


West Highland White Terrier is a beautiful dog possessing a wonderful two-layered wool, which surprisingly little sheds. The outer layer of the wool is hard to the touch and resistant to weather conditions, and the inner layer is very soft, and it protects perfectly in the cold. In spite of a small amount of waste wool, it needs to be cleaned, otherwise it will quickly get stuck in lumps. It is enough to resort to the help of a brush several times a month.

2. Poodle .


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To be honest, the poodle requires constant care of the coat. Deciding to take a poodle into the family, you will learn how to master the brush perfectly, and in order to keep it in order, one should resort to the services of a specialist. No, there are breeds that require much more care, but the fur coat of this animal, nevertheless, needs some attention.

With this in mind, it should be noted that poodles practically do not shed - you will hardly see at least one hair of this animal's fur on interior items. In any case, a poodle is an excellent choice for people who are heavily carrying drop-out wool.

3. Chinese Crested.

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A pretty "horse," is not it? It is not surprising, why the Chinese crested can be considered a little moulting breed. She has a naked body, and quite a bit of hair on her head and around her paws. There is a variety of this breed that is distinguished by thick fur, but it also sheds very little.

4. Bichon Frize.


There is nothing more attractive and pleasant to the touch than a coat of bichon frize. The fact that the dogs of this breed almost do not shed, makes their fur even more attractive. Despite this, the cover of the bichon requires you to work with a brush, because his fur, without sufficient care, gets lost in tangles. In addition, in order to maintain its chic appearance, hikes to the groomer are mandatory.

5. Basenji.


Short hair of this breed practically does not fall out. If you are looking for an active and cheerful dog, but do not tolerate wool, then the Basenji is for you. In addition, Basenji is the only dog ​​that does not bark! Everyone is trying to disaccustom barking a dog, but here, as they say, is already "all inclusive".

6. Maltese.


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Not only are these dogs divinely - adorable, so still practically do not shed, which makes this breed even more attractive. Maltese has a silky coat that is very similar to human hair. The cover of the breed needs regular care, but abundant allocation of wool during moulting is a problem that does not concern this dog.

7. Boston Terrier.


The breed received the nickname "American gentleman", for its sunny and soft character. The Boston Terrier remains a gentleman even when it comes to moulting. Thanks to a short and smooth wool, this breed is referred to as a little moulting. If you are looking for a mischievous little dog that loves the human environment and does not cause trouble because of falling hair, you may have found the main candidate for the role of the best friend of the family.

8. Yorkshire Terrier .


Not only that the Yorkshire almost does not shed, so even dandruff on these wonderful animals you will never see! These are excellent qualities, but, of course, the treasure of this breed is not at all in this. Yorkies are incredibly charismatic, friendly and affectionate creatures. Previously, somehow, he was not serious about yorkies, but exactly until he got to know each other. Now I understand why the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dogs.

9. Carrie Blue Terrier.


Who might not like the surprising beauty of the fur of these interesting animals, which, moreover, almost do not shed. The cleanliness of your house will not depend on the moulting of the dog, but, nevertheless, the fur of the kerry blue terrier needs care, because without it the dog will overgrow, can not see white light and will look like the courtyard of the terrier.

10. Welsh terrier.


Welsh terriers also almost do not shed, but the wool of this breed requires trimming. You can not advise to start welsh people who do not like long walks. Taking a puppy of this breed into the house, you simply must love to walk! The irrepressible energy of the beast must go out in the most natural way - through the paddock.

Certainly there are other breeds of dogs that do not shed a lot. Write your thoughts and thoughts in the comments, the article will be supplemented. Below (as always) video in the subject.

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