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The dog gives much more than we can give. I do not like platitudes, but it really is. Not only do these beautiful animals guard our home, they are devoted to us, they also contribute to the preservation of our immune system, to the rapid withdrawal from depression, and even communication with them reduces blood pressure.

To find a suitable breed of dogs, you need, so to speak, to know yourself well. What are your hobbies? Hobby? Are you going to take a dog for the soul or protection of the house and family? Who will watch, nurse, educate and train the dog? Education should be done by everyone, and it is desirable to train, preferably, one person. Who is it, better determine immediately.

The dog will have you for life, for the rest of your dog's life, so let's carefully consider which breed of dog will best "enter" into your lifestyle? In addition to this article, I recommend to read what breed of dogs to choose (at the end of the article). It will definitely contribute to the right choice.

To protect the family and home.

I can not imagine my yard without a dog. In every private house a good breed of dogs is simply needed to guard the house. Sleeping is much calmer.

German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Moscow watchdog, Asian Shepherd, Risenschnauzer, Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman are excellent breeds for protection. But the last two have not too dense vegetation, but because in the winter they will not be sweet.

Below these breeds will meet more than once, perhaps, some of them will suit your lifestyle better. Even more detailed to find out about which dogs the guards will be the best choice for you will help the detailed material on the link. True dog lovers will be interested to know who are fighting dogs and, possibly, change their opinion of them as dangerous animals.

Breeds of dogs for sports.

Like to spend a lot of time in the open air and want to share these wonderful moments with a dog that will share your joy? Almost all dogs like active walks and various vigorous exercises, but for long physical activities larger and medium breeds of dogs are more suitable.

Rottweiler, German Shepherd, most pointer, doberman, English and Irish setters, Weinmyners (rarities), Staffordshire terriers, border collies ( the smartest dog ), Dalmatians and other breeds.

Dogs that love children.

Almost all breeds, with a decent upbringing, can be a good friend to your child or, at least, treat him well enough that you are calm. However, there are breeds that differ in their love for children. Large dogs are the best choice for families with children, since they have a huge amount of patience, but parents are required to educate the animal.

Families with young children can get a boxer, or less common beagle, they love playing with children. For a more adult child, a dachshund, jack russel terrier, fox terrier (children at least 6-9 years old) will do.

In general, large breeds of dogs have always been recommended for families with children. For example, a St. Bernard or a Labrador retriever, although the latter does not belong to large dogs, but has a good character. In general, before you have a dog, read more about its breed.

I know families with children in which the Staffordshire Terrier cohabits peacefully with children, a cat and another dog. Everyone thinks that such a dangerous breed, but everything depends on education.

Always monitor the communication of a small child and a dog, never leave them alone. The breed does not matter, it's just always necessary to control the communication of the dog and the child, and the children are known to like pulling the dog by the ears, they may not notice how they will hurt, etc. Leaving the house, leave the animal and the small child isolated from each other.

More details about which dogs for children will be the best choice as a friend, in the article under the link.

Independent dogs for busy people.

Who has a lot of time? Perhaps, this is the only resource that is constantly lacking. Are you a busy person? Dogs, as you know, are schooling animals, and therefore require communication. However, some breeds are more independent than others, and they will definitely like your lifestyle.

Popular now shar pei, Alaskan mammut, Scotch terriers and Russian greyhound will suit busy people. Of course, there are a lot more breeds, you just need a dog that will like living with you.

For example, you can take the same Rottweiler to protect the house, but the animal will languish without a master and sufficient walking. Of course, you need all the breeds, but if you need a good puppy for protection (in the future) - then you need to give at least an hour and a half time.

Kompaneyskie homebodies.

Do you feel the inexhaustible resources of love and affection? If you are looking for a company of dogs that will be happy with communication with a person, then the Chinese Crested, French Bulldog, Pomeranian Pomeranian or Pygmy Poodle will be your best friends.

Do you want not only a tender friend, but also a watchman who will inform his bark about the approaching person? Bloodhound, beagle or good old cocker spaniel-affectionate kittens, who will be more pleased with the attention of the owner, but they will be able to inform about the approaching person.

Dogs for the inhabitant of the apartment.

If you live in an apartment, you are probably looking for a breed that will not bark for no reason, and which will only need a little exercise, such as walking around the yard or a short game.

The best articles of the site.

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Toy - spaniels, pugs, the same French, English bulldogs will be happy and a short walk. Such breeds as Chihuahua and Scotch Terrier are also suitable for apartment maintenance, however, they are slightly more vociferous. In principle, it is enough to know how to wean a dog to bark at home, and you can not worry about sleepless nights.

In general, in an apartment you can have any dog, provided full-fledged walking and going to the toilet several times a day. The apartment can be the same dobermann, boxer, amstaff - with wool will be easier.

Light sleep.

If your sleep is very sensitive or you are troubled by sleepless nights, then the dog, which practically does not bark, will definitely suit you. Bassenges are known for not barking (instead of barking they make low sounds like singing), but these dogs are very energetic and adore games.

Aglyan sheep dogs and greyhounds have, so to speak, a quiet character. But bulldogs and boxers are not the best choice, since they snore in a dream.

Dogs for allergy sufferers.

In saliva and dandruff (pieces of dead skin), each dog contains protein, which, as is known, some people may have an allergy. Therefore, there are no hippo-allergenic dogs.

But some dogs "allocate" significantly less dandruff. Poodle, Schnauzer, Chinese Crested Dog, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Blue Terrier - the best breed for allergy sufferers. By the way, they say that the poodle is even "healing" for people with certain diseases.

Limited mobility.

People who are limited in mobility, or who limit themselves in it, probably need a dog who will enjoy running around the yard and who will have a short walk.

What kind of breed do you want, big or small? Bullmastiffs and St. Bernards require only short physical exertion. Among the smaller rocks, basset hound, shih-tzu and the ubiquitous Pekingese. As a rule, terriers and other medium-sized breeds require more physical activity.

Dogs who love communication and people.

If you are a volunteer, or like to communicate with people, you walk a lot around the city and other public places, then you need a companion who together with you will visit different places and get acquainted with people.

Especially people like golden retrievers, English and Irish setters, hounds, Labrador retriever, Siberian Laika and Bichon Frize. By the way, the same American Staffordshire terriers, despite constant persecution in the media, incredibly love people. It's me, by the way. It is better to choose another breed if you walk a lot among people (people are afraid of them, but you can wear a muzzle).

Of course, a lot depends on education (as you see, I like to repeat this phrase) and the heredity of the dog, but, as far as I know, this breed was taken out so that she loved people. Few people think about pedigrees, and few can distinguish pitbull terrier from staff, and therefore people knit one breed on the other. As you know, adding blood pitbull terrier, love amstaff to dogs does not attach.

According to my observations, purebreds are very kind and very friendly towards other animals. I think it's understandable why. Nursery or original documents - the only guarantee is to buy really amstaff, since taking a hand you risk running into a cross with a pit bull terrier (ask for documents or find out how to choose the right puppy).

Lovers of long walks.

Do you like walking in the open air? Whether it is a walk in the city, in a park, forest or mountainous terrain, you have many candidates for satellites! Akita-inu, spaniel, that poodle, Pomeranian spitz - do not want to walk with you or your family. Here you can add Fox Terrier and Jack Russell terrier, but they have a strong hunting instinct, so you should pay attention to the main commands (read how to teach the dog commands in the section "Training").

To travelers.

Do you have to travel a lot in connection with your work, study or other reasons? I do not know why you need a dog, if you travel all the time, but if you want to, then you really need a little dog that likes to travel (or does not like, but what should she do?), Fit in a suitable hand luggage and, will bark when you are in public places.

Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese Bolognese and Toy Terrier are excellent candidates for satellites.

Dogs for people with special needs.

Dogs, both large and small, always helped people with disabilities. A trained dog can help reduce the anxiety of a person with Alzheimer's disease, become a guide to a blind person, help deaf people, people with autism, and also in many other things.

As guides, take German shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors, Collies, retrievers. Although Rottweilers and German Shepherds are breeds for protection, but they will be able to protect a blind person, and the rest of the breeds are not listed for this.

For the soul and the heart.

It does not matter if it's playful, a pug, a terrier, a friendly spaniel or just a pretty pooch, every dog ​​is a living personality with its character, and each one can make you a little happier.

When you see how your puppy "smiles" at you, when he meets you, how he rejoices, you will feel his selfless devotion, then you will understand why people and dogs live side by side for many millennia.

Purebred or mongrel dog?

Now that you know which breed suits your lifestyle, ask yourself which dog you want: purebred or half-breed? Any dog ​​can become a friend, under condition of education.

But if the dog is purebred (or at least similar to it), then, relying on the characteristics of the breed, you will at least approximately know what kind of dog character. While taking a half-breed, you will need time to learn the animal better. Dogs are like people, their character can be very different.

A huge article, but you just choose the best breed for your lifestyle. Write in the comments which breed you will buy, or would like to purchase.

Before a difficult choice, watch a video that will tell you about the choice of breed for your character and lifestyle.

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Breeds of dogs that do not shed are not a myth, but a reality.

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