The dog breed about the rocks

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The biggest dogs What breeds of dogs have the largest body size and are the strongest among the canine? In the article you will learn a lot of interesting about the breed of the largest dogs in the world. Breeds of small dogs Some dogs are so small that their body size does not exceed the size of the average cat. However, small dogs compensate their small body dimensions with an ardent, fighting, fearless character.
The best breed of dogs for the protection of a private house, apartment and family! What kind of dog to choose a host, so that she came up to his conditions, lifestyle and personal tastes, but at the same time was an excellent guard? The article will tell you with a choice of a serious breed for protecting your home and family. Fighting breeds of dogs. From the earliest times dogs are involved in battles with different animals or simply bleed with their own kind. In the article you will learn about the breeds that were used in the battles, as well as about the past that these dogs had.
The most intelligent breeds of dogs There are breeds that can be taught much better than others. Of course, in the hands of a competent owner any dog ​​will be clever, but, nevertheless, some breeds are smarter and more intelligent. The best breed of dogs for a family with children! In a family with young children you need to take a dog that has good patience and a balanced temperament. You should definitely pay attention to large breeds of dogs, ideal even for the smallest.
Breeds of dogs for children. The best breeds of dogs for a child. Your child finally asked the dog for a new year or birthday? I'm sure the dog will teach a lot to the baby, and most importantly will show what friendship is. You can take any breed if you are ready to help the child in education. Whom to take and who is better: a bitch or a dog? Many people are lost in doubt, choosing between a bitch and a dog. In fact, everything is much simpler, and taking is primarily the sex you want, but it's worth to evaluate the advantages of both sexes.
The most popular breeds of dogs. What breeds of dogs are most popular among the breeders of our country? Some breeds prefer people more than others, and beauty plays not the first role in the choice of a pet for the family. The most expensive breeds of dogs in the world. It is hard to imagine the sums that wealthy uncles are willing to lay out for puppies or podroschennyh individuals of some breeds. A small wad of wool can cost millions of dollars!
The most-most dogs, or the records of dogs in the book of records of Guinness. In the article you will learn about the breeds of dogs and just some individuals who were awarded the record book for some merit. You will find a lot of funny stories, backed up with photos and videos. The most beautiful breeds of dogs in the world. Ugly breeds and just dogs do not happen. But it so happened that some breeds prefer much more than others to the first ocher because of their extraordinary, divine beauty.
What breeds of dogs almost do not shed? Certain breeds of dogs molt far less than their counterparts, but there is no breed that does not molt at all. If the traces of livelihood of the animal for you problem, the article will help with the choice. What kind of dog to choose? Which breed will suit me? In any way can not choose the breed? First of all, you must be equal to your financial capabilities and the way of life that you lead. Of course, it does not hurt to read the article on the link.
10 of the most mischievous and disobedient breeds of dogs. Some breeds are very playful and naughty. If you are a calm person, then you need to avoid rocks that require a lot of attention and increased activity to release accumulated physical energy. Which breed of dog is best for your lifestyle? Which breed is better to take in a family depending on your lifestyle? If you are an active person or a homebody, you can devote a lot of time to the dog or you are too busy, the article will help you find the most suitable breed.

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