Fighting breeds of dogs. What breeds are used for battles?


photo of fighting dogs

Fight dog breeds are a term that implies breeds that are preferred to be used in battles. However, there can only exist fighting dogs , taking part in battles, widespread since the time of King Pea. Simply, some breeds are preferable to fighting, but they do not become fighters from birth. Nevertheless, in the article there will be flashes of phrases like "dog fighting breeds" and his like, to use this term to designate the breeds of dogs that were used in battles in the arena in this or that country.

After reading the headline of the article, for sure in your pure and bright imagination surfaced battle pictures of fighting dogs, accompanied by blood, rage, pain and other facets of violence. I hasten to please the dog lovers and disappoint fans of bloodthirsty shows - nothing like this will not happen, otherwise after writing the article the author's psyche could be considered irreparably corrupted.

. Given my sensitive nature, photos of the fighting breeds of dogs will be posted, but these photos will be free from violence . In any case, after reading the article, you will definitely spend time: look at pictures and photos, great video, find out what a stormy past had fighting dogs, where battles are now prevalent and what their future is. Also, you will read about the rules and details of the battles and baiting of large animals.

At the end of the article, be sure to watch a video that would be worth scrolling through all the television channels. In it you will hear the opinion of real professionals about the fighting breeds of dogs. I agree with them 100%.

Fight dogs: breeds and their battle story.

. Alabai .

alabai and a little girl

, способный нести службу хоть в лютый холод, хоть в знойную жару. First and foremost, Alabai is an excellent watchman , capable of carrying a service even in a frigid cold, even in a hot heat. At any time of the year, the dog, as carefully as the owner's possessions, will follow the flocks of sheep, protecting them from thieves and wolves who came to the table. With similar skill, Alabai also copes with the role of hunter, serving as an indispensable assistant to the masters in hunting large animals.

Did you know?

- Back in the 1930s the factory work with the breed was organized in the USSR. Alabai wanted to use in the protection of public facilities, but due to the complex psychology of this dog, it was decided to manage more compliant breeds.

- Being a very popular watchdog for many residents of private homes, Alabai lives all his life within the yard. через самое мирное времяпровождение - спорт. People believe that a spacious courtyard is enough for a normal dog walking, but such an active and powerful breed is simply obligated to "take out" the accumulated energy through the most peaceful pastime - sport. Active physical activity is the first requirement for all future owners of the breed.

And, of course, in some countries alabai is a breed of fighting dogs, actively exposed in battles against other dogs. For example, in Turkmenistan, dog fighting with the participation of Alabai is a centuries-old tradition that attracts the attention of thousands of people and is designed not only to amuse the public, but to develop and preserve the unique qualities of the character of the breed.

Given this, anyone who is going to take a puppy should remember about the not very friendly attitude of the breed to dogs (all other things being equal), so you need to think in advance in order to provide the puppy with the opportunity to communicate with others like that, to socialize him. . Without fail, serious training and training will be required. A serious approach will allow to grow a dog that will react quite adequately to other animals and people on the street, but it will be a terrible enemy to those who threaten your family.

. Akita inu .

beautiful Akita Inu

Would you like such an animal? I am sure that many would like. At least, most of the people of Japan will answer this question in the affirmative. In the country of the rising sun, Akita Inu is considered a symbol of devotion, and every Japanese child dreams of a faithful friend in the person of an Akita puppy no less than our children dream about a puppy of a German shepherd.

Did you know?

- German Shepherds enjoyed greater popularity during the Second World War, and some owners of Akita began to cross their pets with German shepherds. Sheepdog-Akita has a civilized name - Akita-matagi.

Akita since ancient times was famous as a fighting dog - it has a centuries-old fighting past. It was used in hunting for bears and for fighting with dogs, organized to preserve and raise the fighting spirit of the samurai warriors. Incidentally, battles involving Akita are still held, where it more than adequately resists other breeds. It is unlikely that a responsible breeder will agree to expose his animals for battle, but buying a puppy from his hands can run into a dog with not the best psyche. . Therefore, acquiring a puppy from the nursery, you can not worry about heredity, since the current Akita can be aggressive only when it defends the owners .

. The American Bulldog .

an American bulldog is worth

In England, the bulldog (the ancestor of the American bulldog) was used in cattle breeding, for example, the livestock drivers, which the dog served for the distillation and protection of livestock, and especially it was appreciated by butchers. Thanks to the developed musculature and powerful jaws, the dogs helped the butcher to knock down the bull so that he could stab him. They say that the bull killed in this way had very tender meat. (в простонародье – травля быка), иначе, чем объяснить его невероятную популярность среди всех слоёв населения в 17 веке? Apparently, the pleasure from such meat was much less than from the spectacle called "bul beytting" (in common people - baiting the bull), otherwise than to explain its incredible popularity among all strata of the population in the 17th century?

Did you know?

- Young dogs were prepared to fight the bull from a young age, releasing them to young bull-calves, while individuals with an adult bull who were 1.5 to 2 years old were allowed to fight with the adult bull.

- In the period from 1835 to 1865, right after the ban on fighting dogs fighting, the breeder poured pug blood to the bulldog to ensure that the breed was successful at the exhibitions. As a result of the presence in the genus of pugs and some other breeds, the beloved English Bulldog appeared.

- Thanks to the long selection of his fighting past, the American Bulldog has long forgotten, although his confident temperament still makes itself felt.

Rules of persecution were terrible. The bull was tied to a pole to restrict its movements, after which they released a dog whose purpose was to grab the bull by the snout and hold as much as it would resist. An exhausted and exhausted bull fell to his knees and, under the jubilation of the crowd, the battle was stopped. Of course, not always the victory went to the bulldogs - many dogs were killed or seriously injured by horns and hooves. But since bullfighting attracted the attention of thousands of people who made crazy bets on the victory or defeat of a dog, this disgusting spectacle for a long time was absolutely legal.

In 1835, at last, a law was passed banning bouilling, but people quickly found a favorite entertainment - no less brutal sight - dog fights. In fact, the spread of dog fights adversely affected the bulldog's population, since he is a suitable dog for bullying bulls, but not the best fighting dog against other dogs. The bulldog was "modified" by crossing with the terriers, which, according to the breeders, were supposed to give the offspring much-needed (for fights) mobility and activity. The mating of bulldogs with terriers gave birth to a new breed called the Bull and Terrier, as well as some others. But about them a little later.

American pit bull terrier.

American pitbullier and child

coconut is more dangerous than pit bull terrier

Pitbull Terrier - fighting dogs and in general the most dangerous creatures in the public eye. In fact, the American pit bull terrier is a loving, faithful, cheerful breed with an infinite charge of energy and an innate, ardent desire to please its owner. Thanks to the media, people piously believe in fighting dogs that have an aggressive and unbalanced psyche, and the idol of all fighters among dogs is considered pit. , которые берут собаку для компенсации своей неполноценности, а впоследствии растят щенка без должного воспитания, порода обрела отрицательную репутацию. Not only because of the media, but also insane owners who take the dog to compensate for their inferiority, and subsequently raise the puppy without proper upbringing, the breed has acquired a negative reputation.

Okay, let's talk about it. Since the baiting of bulls in 1835 was banned, this gave impetus to the development of dog fights. In an effort to create an unbeaten fighter in the ring, the breeders began to cross bulldogs with terriers to combine in one breed the bulldog's athleticism and inexorable excitement of the terrier. As a result of sensible breeding, the breeders managed to breed a breed combining all the virtues that a real soldier should possess: strength, indomitable courage and surprising softness of character towards those who bring him up. Interestingly, aggression towards people was considered a blemish, as the hosts had to separate two furious fighting dogs, and they hardly wanted to do so at the risk of being left without a hand.

Did you know?

- Pitbull Terrier loves everything that has a human face. It is necessary for him to see a man, how his tail "begins to live his life," like a propeller making circular motions. настолько, что обрадуется даже пьяному в доску алкашу (личный опыт). Pete is one of the few breeds of dogs that loves people so much that he will be happy even with a drunk in the board of a drunk (personal experience). Usually, dogs do not favor drunkards.

, отдавая свою излишнюю физическую энергию на благое дело. Many people think that a pit should participate in battles, but he feels great without fights , giving his excessive physical energy for a good cause. Earlier, for example, the pit bull terrier helped in hunting semi-wild cattle and pigs, in catching foxes, who made their way to the farm, scurrying all over the rats, the pen of livestock. In addition, he was a good companion, ready to give himself to the owner and active pastime. By the way, the breed continues to demonstrate its universality even today, coping well not only with the general course, but also successfully competing with other breeds in all types of canine sports, and especially in wake-up.

. English Mastiff .

english mastiff

English mastiff is the largest breed of dogs on the planet. The ancestors of the English mastiff had a busy fighting career, started already during the reign of Alexander the Great and, later, Julius Caesar. The Romans saw in dogs not so much unsurpassed guards from thieves and wild predators, as many warriors: mastiffs were encased in armor and used in arenas as gladiators who fought against bears, tigers and lions. Still from this breed formed detachments of fighting dogs, desperately hurled at the enemy in the heat of battle.

Did you know?

- The Assyrians sincerely believed that this breed can scare away evil spirits, and therefore always placed terracotta figures of mastiffs above the entrance of the house.

- Mastiff's unquenchable thirst for battle has long been wiped out by the hands of caring breeders. , терпимостью и добротой к детям. Today, mastiffs though a serious watchdog, but more striking not by force, but by strong attachment to their master , tolerance and kindness to children.

- In addition to harassing the bear, the mastiff was poisoned by bulls, horses and tigers, and even donkeys and monkeys. And if you believe Wikipedia, then there are cases of organizing dog fights with polar bears.

и запрещённая только в 1835 году). In view of its huge size, the mastiffs were used in hunting large animals, and from the bloody entertainment in which the mastiffs took part, the bear was most popular (also known as "bear-beating" and banned only in 1835). It was conducted by the ancient Romans, but much later the English respected this performance.

Battles against the bears were conducted in the arena ("bear pit"), fenced with a high fence, around which, on the dais, were the seats of spectators. In the center of the arena was a large wooden pole, to which a bear was tied by a neck or a paw, to which dogs were lowered. Sometimes, in general, the bear was released from the chain, if the spectacle seemed too boring, or even blinded, so to speak, also for the highlight of the highlight in the show.

If you believe the historical data, even during the invasion of Egypt in 525 g. BC. King Cambyses used mastiffs in battles. Chaldea, when conquering southern Mesopotamia in the 9th century BC. even taught the dogs martial arts, and especially thoughtful Chaldeans thought of putting heavy metal collars on dogs with huge, sharpened, sharp knives that caused terrible injuries and spread fear in the ranks of the enemy.

. The Bordeaux Great Dane .

Bordeaux dog and child

The ancestors of the present Bordeaux Great Dane took part in gladiatorial battles, baiting of animals, hunting for a large beast and even full-scale wars of the great rulers of antiquity. Hot blood of ancestors also went to the Bordeaux dog, who still has to participate in illegal battles, mainly with other fighting dogs. Each organizer of dog fights had different rules of battle at different times, and below you will learn about some of them.

Did you know?

- The only one who did not know the defeats, however, in the battle against the bulls, was a dog named Capor Emmin (1884-1895 years of life). Also, this beast killed a hyena brought on such an occasion, in less than 20 minutes of combat.

- For a fight with a dog, a bear was put on a leather cap, which the dog had to tear to win the victory. The stories are known to individuals who were able to tear off the bear's hat and seriously pat it, even when the man was without a muzzle.

ослик. - The most terrible rivals of the Bordeaux dog was ... no, not a bear, not a bull and not even another dog, but a common donkey. With a kind of calm and gentle, the donkey turns into a dexterous, deadly, furious beast, fighting for his life to the last. His hoofs can not only wear out the dog, but even cause serious injuries and cause death.

The first variant of the rules.

  1. Dogs with identical weight should participate in battles.
  2. In the case of the dog using a prohibited reception, her master had to make her change her grip.
  3. Blows are forbidden by paws, bites in places at a height exceeding the height of the dog's shoulder.
  4. It is forbidden to cheer a dog during a fight.
  5. Disqualification was due to those dogs that attacked the enemy at the time when he turned away.
  6. You can not finish off the opponent if the owner of the defeated dog surrenders (or if the victory is obvious).

The second version of the rules.

  1. Opponents should fight in muzzles.
  2. It is forbidden to get a defeated enemy.
  3. Dogs should have the same color.
  4. During a fight it is forbidden to cheer dogs.

Despite the seeming humanity of the second rules, with respect to some others, often the battle ended with the death of one of the dogs. Fortunately, a Bordeaux dog is a hundredfold more likely to be seen in loving families, and its deadly fighting skills can manifest themselves only when threatened by the family.

. Brindisi fighting dog .

Brindisan fighting dog

A little information is available about the breed. The place of its origin is Italy, and the Brindisi fighting dog from the Rottweiler, the Cane Corso and the pit bull terrier (according to some reports, even the Mastino took part in its creation). Mix this rattling mixture to solve only the most crazy people, and therefore it is not surprising why the breeding of a new breed took the members of the Albanian and Brindis mafia, earning bloody battles of dogs. In addition to the distinctive successes in the arena, this dog gained popularity among the local population as a magnificent watchman.

It's unlikely that you will meet the breed in our region, but if someone wants to have a beast like that, he must remember that the Brindisian originated from very serious breeds, and the upbringing would be required. Also, new fans of the breed should be prepared for the fact that the cost of one puppy will exactly exceed the cost of a whole nursery with pitbull terriers.

. Bulli Kutta (Indian or Pakistani mastiff) .

bulli kutta

The word bulli (in Hindi) means "very wrinkled", and kutta - a dog. In India, it is not enough to find a good puppy, which the owners, for the most part, do not take for battles, but for the protection of the house. In Pakistan, the same widespread dog fights, and therefore dogs of this breed are much more often used in fighting arenas. Among the fighters of the breed of fighting dogs, bullseye kuta is a real legend.

. Bull terrier .

bull terrier is sleeping on a dog

Did you know?

- It's hard to believe, but the students and even the teachers of the famous University of Oxford was a sign of a good tone to have in a pet bull terrier. For sure, with their fervent disposition of the buli they cheered the hosts, who devoted all their time to exhausting their studies or responsible work by teaching others.

- Bull terriers simply idolize people. When communicating with them, there is a strong feeling in the soul that you are a supreme being.

Bull terrier is another most famous fighting dog breed, all information about which the based mass of people learns from newspaper reports or news releases. Alas, but over the public relations of the breed in such a negative light, it is the media. What for? от более важных проблем и событий, происходящих в стране. I believe that in order to create news that will attract people's attention, they will distract them from more important problems and events happening in the country. In fact, bull terriers participating in battles are only found "with the hands", that is, people who have no idea what the pedigree is and how the real bull terrier should look at all.

It is not necessary to deny that in the past, some representatives of the breed were used for dog fights in connection with the ban on bull ravaging, and also went out into the arena and in a matter of minutes ripped hundreds of rats to the public's fun, but that does not mean that these fighting dogs were used for further breeding. The goal of this breeder is to get puppies with a healthy psyche and a good attitude to both humans and animals.

. Bandog .


It is difficult to say why, first of all, the bandog was withdrawn: for battles, or for the protection of the possessions and property of the owner. In any case, with the role of watchman and fighter, this dog copes even better than the breeders expected. It is not difficult to guess what they expected, crossing the pitbull and the Neapolitan mastiff (or amstaff with the Neapolitan mastiff). Bandog inherited the bravery and pressure from the pit bull terrier, a massive body, first-class watchful qualities and unshakable calmness from the mastiff. It was this tandem that earned fame for the dog.

Bandog is a big rarity in our country, partly because the bitch brings little puppies. You can understand the fans of the breed, who wished to have a puppy, after all, during the breeding years of the breed in love and caress of the owners, the bandol ceased to correspond to the image of that furious and uncontrolled beast described in Internet articles. This breed is the clearest example of that even a fighting breed of dogs can turn into an absolutely normal, controlled dog, pet and family member. Даже если на бандога накинется проходящая мимо собака, всё, что он сделает – бросит на неё сочувствующий взгляд (из личного опыта общения).

Гуль-Донг (пакистанский бульдог) .

гуль донг

В Индии и Пакистане люди любили потешить себя травлей медведей и боями собак, а для этих целей отлично подходил Гуль-Донг. Кроме боёв «один на один», пёс известен своими непревзойдёнными сторожевыми и охранными качествами. Говорят, характер породы во многом похож на характер питбультерьера: Гуль-Донг очень ласков с близкими ему людьми, но требует доминантного хозяина. Без него зверь может стать трудноуправляемым, агрессивным и слишком недоверчивым к посторонним.

На сегодняшний день одна из самых древних пород собак не признана официально.

Ирландский стаффордширский бультерьер .

Ирландский стаффордширский бультерьер

Известно об этой породе только то, что произошла она от стаффордширского бультерьера, использовалась в боях собак и бычьей травле. В наше время порода используется в боях только редкими живодёрами, зато прекрасно себя чувствует в качестве члена семьи и демонстрирует завидные результаты в вейтпуллинге.

Испанский бульдог (алано) .

испанскй бульдог

Первое упоминание о породе обнаружено в «Книге об охоте», датируемой 1311-1350 годом. В Испании алано использовался для усмирения особо норовливых быков, учувствовавших в корриде, в качестве травильной собаки в охоте на кабана, а также для охраны владений хозяина. Однако в 1883 году был принят закон, согласно которому было запрещено задействовать собак в «усмирении». После этого закона и с появлением в стране немецкой овчарки, популярность породы пошла на спад, и она считалась полностью исчезнувшей с 1930 года.

Но с 1980 года началась серьёзная работа по восстановлению испанского бульдога, сохранившегося практически в первозданном виде в северных частях страны.

Преса канарио .

две собаки породы преса канарио

Знали ли вы?

- In Ireland, dog fights were conducted in open fields, but most often, as it was in the Canary Islands, the fight was held in fenced arenas or special pits.

- In Russia the breed is gaining popularity every year. Puppies are dismantled faster than they manage to see the light.

Probably there was a press of canarios from the supposedly extinct bardino majuro (or bardino mahero) and imported from abroad the English mastiff. The Canary Islands are considered to be the breeding ground for the breed, mostly for dog fights. Since Europe at one time was involved in the frenzied excitement of dog fights, new breeds of fighting dogs were always taken with special interest.

With the banning of dog fights and the emergence of other breeds of dogs, the popularity of the canario press almost vanished by the 1960s, but as the American veterinarian Karl Semenchic took up her revival, the popularity of the canario music has been restored to a non-critical level.

. Caucasian Shepherd Dog .

a moustached Caucasian shepherd

We will not argue about the origin of the Caucasian Sheepdog, since to come to the final opinion about the past of the breed one has to read hundreds of books, rummage through the Internet, hold dozens of sleepless nights in heated discussions and drink more than one bottle of vodka (joking, drinking alcohol - harmful). But it is known for sure that during its entire existence the breed helped with grazing, protecting it from attacks by wolves, was used as an etching dog, took part in battles and, clear the root, was always famous for its watchdog qualities from time immemorial.

Those who love dog fights and, accordingly, cruelty, repeatedly arranged skirmishes of Caucasians as among themselves, and with other breeds. Their fighting career, some representatives of the breed are still leading: the Caucasian sheepdog entertains people by rattling its opponent from one corner to the other corner of the arena. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Caucasian sheepdog is much more likely to be seen within the courtyard, which the dog is guarding with all responsibility and which never leaves his life.

Remember, if you are going to get yourself this breed, that the Caucasian needs active physical activity, strict upbringing and precise training. . From a physically listless dog, there is not much sense, and those who believe that it is enough for an animal to run around the yard to walk, should not have a dog at all .

. The Kangalese Karabash .

monument to the Kangal Karabash

In the photo you see a monument, which grateful shepherds put their faithful assistants in the city of Kangal.

Did you know?

- In Turkey, Kangalese Karabash is considered a national treasure, and the government monitors the puppy population. However, not all consider it the property of the nation, otherwise, why then does Karabash still participate in the battles?

The breed in its original form was preserved in its homeland - Turkey, where it serves shepherds grazing flocks of sheep, guarding both sheep and shepherds themselves from wild predators. He does not take bravery to Karabash: he will rush at least a pack of jackals, even at the clumsy owner of the forest, if the owner wishes. Also, Kangal demonstrates his bravery in fighting other breeds, competing with dogs worthy of him against the ring, but it is unlikely that fights involving Kangal are held outside of Turkey, as the removal of these dogs outside the country is strictly controlled.

. Cane Corso .

cane corso and child

It is interesting.

- In addition to the rumor about the fighting nature of Cane Corso, among people you can find a completely different opinion about the temperament of the breed. So, some beginning dog breeders start a corset because they want to get a reliable watchman in a family where there are small children. Like, the breed is supportive of children. Indeed, Cane Corso treats children very well, but this does not mean that the dog does not require education.

Information about the origin and existence of the breed is quite contradictory. In addition to the fact that Cane Corso has been serving as a watchman and guard for hundreds of years, it is known that it is sometimes used in fighting dogs. и будут выводить бойцовые породы ворон, лишь бы зрелищно было. Actually, zhivodyory put out at least a Labrador, even a cocker spaniel (believe me, there are some), even a crow will learn to fight and will take out the fighting breeds of crows, if only it was spectacular. Those individuals Cane Corso whom I was lucky to encounter me, had no idea what aggression was to animals, and they treated people at the training ground quite calmly. This means that I met dogs with normal psyche, and to search for such a pet it is necessary in nurseries that contain responsible breeders.

. Ca de bô (Mallorca Bulldog) .

two ca de bou

Ca de bô is mentioned in ancient bas-reliefs (dating from the 17th and 18th centuries), found on one of the oldest bullring races in Mallorca. Powerful, downtrodden body, impressive weight, excellent endurance, diabolical spasm and tenacious grasp - these qualities fully belong to the ca de bout, and they were necessary to confront bulls and other dogs in the arena. Even now, the breed is used to control bulls on bullfight, although, with a fading interest in this view, the Ca de bou population is gradually shrinking.

. Neapolitan Mastiff .

Neapolitan mastiff and child

The ancestors of the Neapolitan mastiff entertained the public with spectacular battles with wild boars, bulls, tigers, lions, bears and other animals in the Roman arenas. Fighters and gladiators are not necessary for everyone, but a strong dog with excellent watchful qualities had practical benefits for people. It was used as simple peasants, to protect the possessions, and the watchman, and even the butchers.

Did you know?

"The Neapolitan mastiff, as we know him now, is a faithful, reliable, loving family member, a friend to children of any age and even animals. To be confident in the dog, the owner must from an early age allow the puppy to communicate with his own kind.

Nowadays, the Neapolitan mastiff is involved in illegal battles, but they are so rare that the news of the impending battle is instantly dispersed among fans of the bloody show. However, in the battles are unlikely to take part purebreds. . Breeders of the breed ensure that the Neapolitan does not waste his energy on a senseless fight, and sends all his forces to the protection of the family, at home, he receives the necessary physical activities and does his favorite thing ... sleep .

. Old English Bulldog .

Old English Bulldog and Child

The Old English Bulldog is a very old breed used in baiting bulls, the exact time of its origin is not known for certain. Alas, this dog is considered to have long been extinct.

This sad fact in 1971 decided to fix, undertaking the restoration of the breed. The goal of the breeders was to create a dog that would resemble the extinct bulldog in all its characteristics and, at the same time, would not be so aggressive. As a result of the infusion of blood of English, American bulldogs, bullmastiff and even such famous fight breed as pit bull terrier, the Old English bulldog was re-created. The restored breed is much calmer, has better health and, in general, wins its ancestor in all respects.

. Staffordshire Bull Terrier .

staffordshire bull terrier and child

There was a breed thanks to miners and miners who lived in the 16th and 17th century, who adopted a passion for dog fights and persecution from feudal lords. In view of the fact that the size of the breed is very compact, it does not require a lot of money for its maintenance, and it can be used in badger hunting and catching rats, the dog almost instantly gained popularity. Also, thanks to the modest size, Stafford, oddly enough, it was easier to cope with the bull, which is easier to hit the horns on a larger enemy.

Did you know?

- In 1816, on a regular basis, English newspapers published announcements about the upcoming dog fights, in which information was placed on the weight of dogs and rates on them.
фунтов стерлингов (нереально большая сумма денег на то время). The amount of the rates reached 1000 pounds sterling (an unrealistically large sum of money at that time).

Today the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is used in battles only by the most irresponsible breeders. , зато, в виду своей удивительной харизмы, познал другую, полезную и значительно более миролюбивую роль домашнего питомца. Long and laborious selection led to the fact that the aggression to animals lost forever , but, in view of his amazing charisma, he learned another, useful and much more peaceful role of a pet.

. Tosa-inu .

Tosa Inu origins

The Tou Tongue, like many others, was bred specially for the conduct of fights, long since revered in Japan. The popular martial art of sumo reflected on the rules of dog fights. Unlike many "dirty" rules, the goal of two fighters is to press the enemy to the ground and temporarily immobilize him. . Interestingly, an aggressive dog, intending to bite and ruffle the enemy, must be excluded from the battle and not allowed to subsequent fights .

The nature of the breed is hot, which is not surprising, because to create the Tone Inu had to cross local dogs with imported from Europe mastiffs, bulldogs, bull terriers, danes, pointer and even St. Bernards. Competent selection work led the breeders to the desired goal, namely - to create an ideal fighter-sumoist dog world, an incredibly hardy beast, capable of a long battle and inexorable attack. Tosa Inu can be a good watchman or guard, but the character of the Tosca will not tolerate the absence of a leader. At least, lovers of the breed will have to make the upbringing and training of the dog literally their hobby.

. Phil is Brazilian .

Phil the Brazilian

The ancestors of the breed are considered to be powerful mastiffs, hardy bulldogs and even awkward bloodhounds. At the dawn of her birth, Phil Brazilian guarded the houses of the Brazilian colonists, their farms and fields, drove the cattle into the pen or helped catch the half-wild, accompanied people on a journey through the jungle and, they say, even helped in the hunt for a panther and a jaguar. By the way, the fila is now also used as a cattle dog, capable of calming the disobedient bull-calf. Feeling on himself the grasp of the dog, the bull hardly dares to show the character again.

Did you know?

- In Brazil there are even sayings about the devotion of the breed: "Devotee as a fila", etc.

Immediately and do not say, looking into the bottomless eyes of this externally pacified beast, that his past was so rich. The real Brazilian brazil is mainly held in the families of loving owners, where these dogs, in the first place, are full members of the family and, in combination, its keeper.

. Sharpei .

shar pei

People unfamiliar with the breed may be surprised if they learn that shar pei is a fighting breed of dogs. About the fighting past of the breed speaks not only the body structure and lovely folds of wool, but also an ardent, fearless temperament. Sharpei can rush at least a passing wolfhound, if he does not show enough respect for him. The snooty character is not easy to control, and training obedience will be a real challenge even for a seasoned dog breeder. Those who raise a shar pei puppy need to seek the solution of emerging problems in their behavior this very minute.

Sharpei is more than 3000 years old, and for the most part of their existence these animals participated in fights. This is evidenced not only by the temperament of the dog, but also by powerful jaws and folded, prickly wool, which is unpleasant and inconvenient to hold the mouth. They say that local peasants and landowners, who bet on one of the fighters, were fond of fighting. Also, the organization of the Sharpei fights was dealt with by sailors who were idle in the port and entertained themselves in this way.

I hope you liked the photos of the fighting dogs, you have interesting time and learned a lot of new things. Be sure that you would be able to raise any of the presented breeds, if with all responsibility took care of the education and training of the dog. A dangerous dog becomes an irresponsible and indifferent masters.

A little lower, be sure to watch a very interesting video in which you will hear the opinion of literate people about the so-called fighting breeds. Especially I liked the head of the training center, in every word of which there is a love for dogs! A real cynologist! If you know this uncle, be sure to go to the center for training;)

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