Characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier, care and training of york.

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Yorkshire Terrier - the breed is very popular, and this dog enjoys the love of tens of millions of dog breeders around the world, not because of their working qualities, but only for the innate talent to like, to win the attention and friends. Thanks to the attractive character traits, this cunning beast will go so deep into your heart that you are unlikely to want to take another breed, except for a few more Yorkies. Even indifferent to the dog world, people will not stand against the onslaught of supernatural charm and, like an impregnable fortress, fall, enchanted by the abyss of expressive eyes.

Even if the friendly, Yorkshire terrier dog is independent and bold. Despite the amazing patience that will come in handy during the care of the coat, he does not always agree to peacefully take a nap on the master's pens, and if there is a suspicion of the presence of strangers, the york will react with a briny, cautionary bark.

Care and maintenance.

выше среднего. Complexity of care: above average.

придётся научиться мастерски орудовать щёткой. Care of the coat: you will have to learn how to masterfully use a brush.

раз в неделю. How many times to bathe: once a week.

неприхотлив к условиям. Preferred living conditions: unpretentious to the conditions.

конечно, но без выгула не обойтись. Can they live in an apartment: of course, but without a walk you can not do.

12-16 лет. How many Yorkshire Terriers live: 12-16 years.

Education and training:

низкая. Complexity of education: low.

низкая, уровень обучаемости высокий. Complexity of training: low, the level of learning is high.

6-8 лет, можно доверить щенка или взрослую собаку. You can engage a child with: 6-8 years old, you can trust a puppy or an adult dog.

puppies of york

Breed standard (short).


до 3,1 кг. The dog's weight: up to 3,1 kg.

до 2,7 кг. Bitch weight: up to 2.7 kg.

до 23 см. Growth of a male: up to 23 cm.

до 20 см. Height of a bitch: up to 20 cm.

Огромное множество цветов! Color: A huge variety of colors! More details below.

Великобритания. Country: United Kingdom.

начало 19 века. The date of the birth of the breed: the beginning of the 19th century.

26.03.2009. Date of adoption of the standard: 26.03.2009.

Группа 3: Терьеры. Group FCI: Group 3: Terriers.

Секция 4 : Той-терьеры. Section FCI: Section 4: Toy Terriers.

86. FCI No. 86.

Yorkshire Terrier price.

до 120$. Hand: up to $ 120.

от 150$ до 300$. PET-class: from $ 150 to $ 300.

от 400$ до 1000$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 1000.

от 1000$-1500$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 1000 $ -1500 $ and above.

Purpose of the breed.

истребление вредителей, роль члена семьи. Primary purpose: extermination of pests, role of family member.

йорк уже давно не охотиться на крыс, хотя некоторые особи не переносят их на дух. Where it is used now: Yorke has not hunted rats for a long time, although some individuals do not tolerate them. Now the breed plays exclusively the role of a member of the family.

Attitude towards living beings.

отношение недоверчивое, но социализированный йорк - добр и ласков со всеми. Outsiders: the attitude is incredulous, but the socialized York is kind and caressing with everyone.

отношение хорошее, но контроль нужен. Children living in the family: the attitude is good, but control is needed.

нормальное (всё же нужно социализировать). Animals: normal (still need to socialize).

Level of activity and paddock:

средняя. Need for activity: medium.

очень игривые создания, постоянно в поисках приключений. Playfulness: very playful creatures, constantly in search of adventure.

от 1 часа. Duration of the walk: from 1 hour. You can do more, Yorkies love to walk.

любят активные игры и просто прогулки. Intensity of walking: love active games and just walks.


Excellent training for teams.

A cheerful, playful character.

Watchful, sonorous watchman.

A wonderful friend for the growing up child.

A reliable companion for allergy sufferers.

Does not shed.


Be sure to dominate if the owner is weak in character.

Care for the coat requires certain skills, skills and personal time.

Enough fragile creatures, which should be cautiously treated.

Ideal companions for:

Active families and single people.

For the growing up child.

Those who are looking for a mini-watchman. The dog will always let know about the presence of strangers barking bark.

Lovers take care of dog hair and different haircuts on it.

Bad choice for:

Inactive people.

Those who think that you do not need yorky education.

Busy people.

People who do not tolerate dog barking.

Characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier. Who will approach the breed?

Character. Yorkshire Terrier - a miniature dog, but the confident nature of the breed does not match its compact size. Yorkies, like many small breeds, feel at least several times more than they really are. Although they are but they are, by their nature, real terriers: courageous, resolute, energetic and inquisitive.

This temperament will appeal to many active people, but not everyone can cope with it. An ill-bred York becomes a thunder-storm of the owners and all the local dogs who have not expressed respect for him, and irrepressible energy and a passion for adventure can at any moment push the beast on their quest. To run after a cat or a bird while walking, digging pits in the garden or gnawing seedlings, tear cushions in the house or taste the wires of your computer - this "power engineer" will not miss the opportunity to play pranks. Therefore, while walking, keep the leash stronger, and better engage in education and training to disaccustom the animal from bad habits, to walk calmly without a leash and at the same time to know that the dog will execute from any one time any of your team.

Who will approach the breed? Yorkshire Terrier is a great companion for single people and big families, an excellent companion for a growing child and those who have very young children. York is really a born-again friend who, from the first minutes of the appearance in the house, will join the host family and soon completely adjust to their habits and rhythm of life. However, before you buy a puppy of the breed, it's better to think about whether you can give this active creature everything that it requires?

1. First of all, the dog needs physical exercise. Let not in such volumes and not as intense as it should be for the same German shepherd. By giving out the accumulated energy, you give safety to valuable things in the house, tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden, cats and dogs on the street, and even to neighbors, saving them from the causeless dog bark.

beautiful puppy yorkshire terrier

2. Provide education and at least the minimum required teams. Even such a small dog needs to be educated and trained. Alas, many people mistakenly believe that you can not do anything with the dog, and then suffer from the behavior of the pet.

3. A strong personality needs a leader who will establish the rules of conduct. A strict, persevering, but patient, attentive and loving host is the ideal leader and master for York. That's why you should not completely leave the children to the dog for upbringing! Parents need to extract the information they need.

Also, it's worth remembering the independent character of York, which requires a free, personal space. To stay in peace and solitude this animal spends not so much time, much more it likes to be in the thick of events, to participate in the life of the owner and in every possible way to provoke him to attention to himself.

Yorkshire Terrier: a description of the breed.

General description. Yorkshire Terrier - a fabulous creature that came to earth from distant worlds ... albeit not exactly, but the appearance of the breed is definitely unearthly. Maintaining the divine beauty is a serious work, akin to art. Without care, by the appearance of the animal, no one will believe in its mythical origin.

Did you know?

Йоркширские терьеры, шерсть которых окрашена в несколько цветов, стоят намного дороже . 1) Yorkshire terriers, whose wool is painted in several colors, are much more expensive . For example, the body wool is blue with a black-brown, and on the chest is white-cream. It looks like a dog like after militia. It's hard to take your eyes off.

If you ever get such a puppy, carefully look at the breeder, maybe the dog was simply painted. Your claims can be answered that the animal has changed its coat. However, the owner, accustomed to friendly creation, is unlikely to agree to give it back and return the money paid.

On a small head, slightly flattened from above, is a medium-sized cute face, decorated with long hair. Naughty, clever, black as strong coffee eyes as if pearls are seen through a thick cover that has not covered anything else except the ears of an animal. Standing ears V-shaped, like antennas, catch every sound. Feeling wrong, york all his behavior will certainly notify you of his premonitions.

The forelimbs, though they are not visible, are straight, parallel. On the rounded paws are the fingers, tightly pressed together, with black claws, by the way, requiring a certain care. The movements of the dog are quick and quick, which gives out a true terrier in york. The tail is planted high, located above the back, at the earliest age (up to 5 days) it is cut to the floor length. Being in good spirits, the dog keeps the tail "pipe".

The dignity of York, in addition to the diverse inner world, its long, shiny, thin and silky coat, evenly hanging from both sides of the tiny corpse. The color of the coat is usually blue and silver on the body and tail, while the color of the golden tan stains the hair on the head and chest (sometimes the color gradually turns into golden-cream). There are other colors, in which black predominates instead of blue-silver, or only black and richly fiery color are combined. Yorkie puppies are born black, and only small specks of fiery red color paint the fur on the muzzle and paws.

History of the breed (shortly).

Origin. Most of all we believe in the theory of origin, according to which Yorkshire terriers came to us from the unknown universe. The appearance of the celestial pushes an increasing number of dog breeders to the idea of ​​the supernatural origin of the york. It is unlikely that their knowledge of the history of the breed can be considered true, but you will agree that their opinion is very similar to the truth.

Did you know?

Некоторые особи породы до сих пор готовы вцепиться зубками в пробравшегося в дом грызуна. 1) Some individuals of the breed are still ready to grasp the teeth in the rodent who has got into the house. However, this animal can bite and just a hand, a domestic rat. Be careful! In any case, it is the owner who can take away the aggression or develop it, even in a non-aggressive dog.

Встречаются среди йорков и настоящие охотники. 2) There are real hunters among Yorkers. The domesticated predators turn their own yard or owner's dacha into hunting grounds. Sparrows, pigeons, rats, neighbor cats can be at risk when they are watched by a "cute, tame dog".

Seriously, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred in Northern England in the middle of the 19th century by ordinary workers. Desperate to overcome the invasion of rats and mice to mines and woolen factories, people decided to take the help of a furious enemy of rodents. No, not a cat, but a hunting instinct for a terrier. It's hard to believe in written words, but York was really not designed to sit on the pens of glamorous ladies all day long. His thick coat serves as a reliable armor from the teeth of the enemy, and sharp as needles teeth and inexorable excitement deprive the pest of any chance of life.

In addition to rodents, the york hunted for badgers, foxes and other small animals, hiding in burrows. I think, now you look differently at these cute creatures. To get this miracle it was possible from various types of terriers, including a terrier, a dandy diamond terrier, a manchester terrier, a maltese, now extinct Clydesdale and a long-haired Leeds terrier. At the dawn of its inception, the York was much larger, but by selective breeding of the smallest individuals, it was possible to achieve miniaturization of the breed.

Development of the breed in our time. Yorkshire Terrier has long forgotten its original purpose, caring hands of breeders completely removed aggression even to rodents. The only goal with which people start yorkies is to enjoy the magnificent appearance of an exaggeratedly beautiful creature and to get away from all problems in a difficult hour by simply spending time together with a being who considers man a god and a meaning of life.

The maintenance and care of the Yorkshire terrier.

Interesting articles.

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Care of the coat. Caring for a Yorkshire terrier fur is an art that some people (groomers) devote their whole life to. For a haircut it is reasonable to apply to a specialist, but to become a dog hairdresser, at least in part, should every owner of the breed, because caring for the pet's pet occupation is necessary. Moreover, it is necessary to learn the right care for those whose dogs participate in exhibitions. By the way, many groomers learned effective haircuts not on specialized courses, but practicing on their dogs and pets of their friends. Art requires sacrifice, you too can sacrifice. At least a little.

In the arsenal of grumer a huge variety of tools, and you will have to acquire them, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve an excellent appearance. Of course, you will not use them all every day, as daily grooming will be combing, but during the weekly bathing process you will have to use the full potential of the groomer set. Several types of brushes, combs, scissors, claws, coctails, shampoos, air conditioners and even a set of special oils.

The main thing is to accustom the whole animal to this ammunition, not to frighten it with procedures. Often, Yorkies freely agree to attention to their fur, and some even peacefully doze under the influence of a master massage and affectionate touch. If you really like this animal, but frighten the care of the hair, you can cut it shorter. Especially if you are not attracted by the prospect of tying bows on your head for both beauty and to prevent the chic locks from getting into the bowl while eating.

Paddock. Yorkians like to play and long walks. Let in long walks they do not feel a huge need, but they will definitely prefer to spend an extra half hour on the street than in the four walls of the house. About an hour a day on the paddock, on new or familiar places, with the opportunity to play will be enough to meet the needs of the dog in the activity. Be sure to teach the pet the most basic commands like "to me", "next", "fu", "sit", without them your walk will be a torture. Many people lose their pets because they do not obey.

Yorkshire Terrier's wool is a pride of the breed, but will have nothing to be proud of after walking with a dog in adverse weather. The owner will have to again clean the silky cover of York, if he during his fervent games decides to participate in an adventurous adventure. It does not matter in what weather.

Training and education Yorkshire terrier.

Education. Yorkshire Terrier is not at all difficult to educate, but the owner will have to take into account the level of energy of the dog, which goes off as a Geiger sensor in the radioactive zone. Not allowing this battery to discharge in a natural way, through the paddock, the host risks to get a lot of troubles, which with ease will provide the full strength of the dog. It can turn into a real catastrophe for the things of your home! Without physical exertion it will be almost impossible to wean the dog to gnaw things, tear up the wallpaper, master shoes and even somehow mess it up.

In addition, the york needs a strong boss, otherwise a full dog ambition will take the place of the leader. Do you know why many small dogs do not let in when they are in the hands of the owner, none of the outsiders? Precisely because they consider it their duty to protect the host from outsiders, and this is the duty of the leader. Every dog ​​needs a leader, a york is no exception.

puppies of york near serenity

Trusting an animal to raise a child, always monitor its progress in upbringing. When necessary - go to the rescue, and never leave the child alone with problems. They will certainly be, but the faster you solve them - the faster they become the past, leaving for the future a carefree coexistence with their pet.

How to train a Yorkshire terrier? York does not need to know the whole general training course, although he is able to remember and perform the most complex teams. At the same time, if you completely stop dealing with a york, he easily recalls the command learned earlier even months after training. If you do not want to train, and even more difficult, even if just teach the beast to the main teams that are used most often in everyday life. The mental load of this witty creature is extremely necessary!

You can trust a puppy to train even a six-year-old child who understands how to behave with a dog. Of course, the parent himself must know how to teach the dog to the teams, explain what to do if the child does not succeed. That is, although the child should obtain information about the training of the Yorkshire terrier, but the main source of knowledge for him should be parents.

cute puppy yorka

Yorkshire terrier health.

Health. Monitor the health of Yorkshire terrier is simple. Required inoculations at puppy age, annual vaccination, healthy food with natural or quality dry / moist food, daily exercise to improve health, and then your York will have every chance to break records of longevity. By the way, these dogs live often for longer than 15 years!

Common heart diseases include heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, gum disease and teeth, necrosis of the head of the femur, and ... enough, your dog will be healthy if responsibly referred to the choice, content and need for examination from a veterinarian (from time to time) .

How to choose a puppy and which gender to prefer?

How to choose a puppy? The price of the issue. To not have problems with the health of the dog, you should choose the right puppy. Good, healthy puppies are only among the responsible breeders. When choosing a puppy, the owners of the nursery will surely arrange tests worthy of the famous show "Keys from Fort Bayar". No responsible breeder will sell the puppy, without having learned all of your pedigree before the 10th tribe. Of course, this is a joke, although the selection of enthusiasts is hard.

The issue of choosing a York puppy deserves consideration in a separate article, even if the selection rules for this breed do not differ much when choosing any other. The main thing is to look at the breeder and his attitude towards his animals.

The price of a Yorkshire terrier puppy depends on its class. Even for an animal with "hands" ask for at least $ 250, for a PET kid from $ 300-700, for a BRID class from $ 1,000-2,000, for a SHOW-class they ask for $ 5,000 dollars, and sometimes even more. Do not buy dogs from "hands". How can I pay for a puppy with a dubious ancestry and health? As an companion, an animal of the PET class is perfect, because it does not differ much from the more expensive fellow tribes, except that it can not participate in exhibitions and breeding. Темперамент же и характер собак этого класса также идентичен более дорогим классам.

Немного ниже вы можете посмотреть очень интересное, непродолжительное видео про йоркширского терьера. Обязательно узнайте больше о самой популярной породе!

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