The nature of the German Shepherd, advice on the maintenance and upbringing of the puppy.

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The German shepherd dog possesses unsurpassed service qualities, is endowed with divine beauty and perfectly knows the art of making friends. The latter may seem untrue, because a determined, strict appearance, excessive vigilance and extreme distrust, independence and firm confidence in character do not give the shepherd a visible friendliness. However, the lucky owners of the breed know how different these dogs are with strangers and members of their own family.

Excessively suspicious and fierce with unfamiliar people, with members of her family, the breed behaves like the cat of the most affectionate breed, ready to sleep on the master's knees. Be sure, the sheep dog will forever remain for its owners a small, defenseless puppy, ready at any moment to turn into a furious beast and stand up for their protection.

Those who take a German because of his mind should understand that even such a smart breed as a German shepherd dog training is necessary. The dog is clever, but needs training like all the others.

Care and maintenance.

ниже среднего. Complexity of care: below average.

изредка, но во время линьки придётся поработать щёткой. Care of the coat: occasionally, but during the moult it will be necessary to work with a brush.

2-3 раза в год. How many times to bathe: 2-3 times a year.

частный дом. Preferred living conditions: private house.

да, но с условием активного выгула. Can they live in an apartment: yes, but with the condition of active walking.

12-15 лет. Lifespan: 12-15 years.

Education and training:

выше среднего, в силу хитрости и активности. The complexity of education: above average, because of cunning and activity.

высокая, нужно учиться быть хитрее. The difficulty of training: high, you need to learn to be more cunning.

9-10 лет, участие родителей обязательно. You can engage the child from: 9-10 years, the participation of parents is compulsory.

beautiful german shepherd lies on a white background

Breed standard (short).


30-40 кг. Weight of dog: 30-40 kg.

22-32 кг. Weight female: 22-32 kg.

60-66 см. Growth of a male: 60-66 cm.

55-60 см. Height of a bitch: 55-60 cm.

Целая гамма цветов! Color: A whole range of colors! More details below.

Германия. Country of origin: Germany.

03.04.1889г. Date of birth of the breed: 03.04.1889.

23.03.1991. Date of adoption of the standard: 23.03.1991.

Группа 1. Пастушьи и скотогонные собаки. Group FCI: Group 1. Shepherds and cattle dogs.

Секция №1: Овчарки. Section FCI: Section # 1: Sheepdogs.

166. FCI standard: 166.

How much does a German Shepherd puppy cost?

до 120$. Hand: up to $ 120.

от 150$ до 300$. PET-class: from $ 150 to $ 300.

от 400$ до 1000$. BRID-class: from $ 400 to $ 1000.

от 1000$-1500$ и выше. SHOW-class: from 1000 $ -1500 $ and above.

Purpose of the breed.

выпас стад, охрана, работа в полиции. Primary appointment: grazing, guard, police work.

полиция, поиск наркотиков и контрабанды, поводырь слепых, выпас стад, спортивные соревнования, чаще - охрана и защита, роль члена семьи. Where it is used now: the police, the search for drugs and smuggling, the guide of the blind, the grazing of flocks, sports competitions, more often - protection and protection, the role of a family member.

Attitude towards living beings.

крайне недоверчивое, к гостям и друзьям придётся приучать. Strangers: extremely distrustful, guests and friends will have to be taught.

очень хорошее, даже излишне оберегающее. Children living in the family: very good, even unnecessarily protective.

нормальное (но требуется социализация). Animals: normal (but requires socialization).

Level of activity and paddock:

очень высокая. The need for activity: very high.

буквально созданы для игр. Playfulness: literally created for games.

от 1-1,5 часов. Duration of walking: from 1-1,5 hours. Ideally - 2 or more hours.

требуются активные физические нагрузки. Intensity of walking: active physical activity is required.


High ability to learn.

A magnificent guard with a developed intuition.

Likes to keep everything and everyone under control.

A wonderful friend for the growing up child.

Excellent with the young children.


It is difficult to train if an approach is not found.

Too vigilant, which can become a problem for calm people.

You will not find a job for a German shepherd - she will find it herself, drawing her attention to the things around her.

Ideal companions for:

Active people and families.

Resisted, disciplined people.

Families with small children.

Those who want to know about the approach of man on canine bark.

Those who are ready to solve problems when they appear.

Bad choice for:


Victims (people who blame everything except themselves).

Busy people.

People who do not tolerate dog barking.

Those who often come to visit.

Allergies, as there is a lot of hair molting.

German Shepherd character and general description. Who will approach the breed?

Characteristic. For its unique character, the German shepherd is appreciated by specialists from all over the world. It is a dog with the highest level of learning, an amazing flair and startling intuition. The ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong serves as an excellent complement to the unquenchable thirst to protect, defend its territory and protect everyone it considers its flock. Direct, fearless and confident in their abilities, German shepherds are independent, although this character trait can be regarded as some kind of alienation, excessive selectivity in the choice of friends.

These dogs, in fact, are very loyal and extremely dependent on their owners, which is expressed in the amount of time that the dog spends with its owners. The most terrible nightmare for a shepherd - separation from the owner, and even worse - parting forever. New owners will have to work hard to help the dog regain trust in people.

Few few paragraphs to reveal the depth of the character of the breed, look into its mysterious soul. The main thing when choosing a puppy or an adult is to take into account that any dog ​​is a living individuality, and the character of the German shepherd you took from the breeder may differ significantly from that described above. Precisely, it can be argued that her character is more influenced by the master himself. As they say from ancient times: "What kind of owner, such a dog."

Who will approach the breed? A German shepherd dog likes to feel the presence of a pack and is having a hard time sustaining a long separation from the host. It requires constant interaction with her flock and direct participation in her life. Really happy she will feel herself in the family, where she will be provided with round-the-clock work and a busy, active life. That is, new or future owners of the breed should be remembered that it was created for protection, and therefore you need to get used to threatening dog barking on outsiders and extreme distrust of anything that comes too close to the owner.

beautiful puppy of a German shepherd

If the contact between the German shepherd and its owner is small, then it can show excessive guardianship in the form of aggressive protection, even from those who simply will give you a hand with the intention of saying hello. Sensitive custody will necessarily apply to the youngest members of the family, to whom the raised representative of the breed is very well. Trust the same education and training of a puppy or adult dog child should not earlier than from 9-10 years, but the whole process must be strictly with the participation of parents!

Vigilance with respect to safety does not in any way affect the dog's adequate attitude to peaceful strangers, and so you can go for a walk together, it's the pastime that the German shepherd is ready to do around the clock! Daily paddock, the opportunity to properly run on freedom and play active games with the owner is the best reward that a breed can only dream of. In addition, it is an excellent development of her strength and ability to protect. Why do you need a weak guard? In addition, not having received enough physical exertion, the dog will throw out the accumulated energy on the interior items, go digging pits in the garden or take up other pranks.

General description of the German Shepherd.

General description. German Shepherd Dog proportional-folded, their appearance personifies nobility, and the gaze gives the commander's, leader's nature. The growth of the breed is above average, the body is strong, but thin, the format is stretched (that is, the length is longer than the height), the musculature is well developed. The forehead is slightly convex, the muzzle is straight, wedge-shaped, the ears are pointed, the eyes are almond-shaped, arranged so that they give the muzzle a kind, good-natured appearance.

The massive neck smoothly passes to muscular shoulders and paws. Hind legs strong, tail thick. Color of the wool of the breed is varied. There is a black-yellowish-brown color, ash-gray, gold and black, zone-gray, dark-smoky. Also, the length of the coat varies, it can be short, medium and long.

History of the breed (shortly).

Origin. For sure, Max von Stefanitz was a talented man, because the confirmation of his talent - the breed he derived himself, absorbed all the diligence of his creator. Only the creator of the German Shepherd, beloved by all, could tell which dogs he took for breeding. Whatever it was, the first representative of the breed named Greif was presented by Stefanitz to the public and judges in all its glory at the exhibition in 1882 in Hanover. The way to world glory German shepherd paved the first and second world wars: in view of excellent performance, these dogs were extremely relevant in wartime, and therefore almost replaced all other breeds.

It is interesting that the herd of sheep was raised for grazing and protection. Most likely, this is why sheep dogs experience an innate desire to control everything, "graze". First and foremost, the increased control will affect the children, whom she restricts in moving around the house or yard and too zealously protects from strangers.

Development of the breed in our time. Protection and protection of sheep for a German shepherd is a common occupation and for today, but since there are not any herds, the shepherd is more likely to graze and protect from wild wolves (in the person of ill-wishers) their owners and their families. Protection and protection is the most common activity of the breed, however, in addition to the role of the amulet of property, it is used more often by all the other breeds in the police, in the army, in guarding state borders, accompanying blind people, searching for dangerous substances and drugs.

cute shepherd puppy

The popularity of this or that breed can change under the influence of fashion or the appearance of new, better breeds, but it is impossible to compete with the German shepherd in the areas in which it is currently used. It is especially difficult to find an equally reliable friend for the family.

Maintenance and care of the German shepherd.

Care of the coat. To look after and keep a German shepherd is easy. She does not need frequent water procedures, and it will be fairly good to bathe 1-3 (maximum) times a year. Amenities for care of the hair, too, do not need much, it will be enough simple brush, bought at the pet store. True, there is a lot of wool during molting, and in order to reduce its quantity in your yard or in the house, you need to learn how to use a brush and train yourself to regularly brush the beast, for example, during a walk. The advantages of wool breed can be attributed to the property to resist any weather.

Paddock. A dog, created for protection and protection, must have great physical strength in the service of his duty. Watch this - the duty of the owner. By spending 1-2 hours a day walking with active games, you can count on the gradual development of muscle mass, health promotion, and the extraction of other benefits that accompany a healthy lifestyle. And the benefit is not only for the dog, but for the owner himself, who does not deny the pet that he loves more than anything in the world.

Since the German shepherd breed is unusually playful and agile, then the family does not need a lazy family either. Do you like to run, ride a bicycle or are afraid to let the child out on the street alone? Be sure that this dog will not only readily fit into the collar in anticipation of walking, but will also be able to guarantee a safe walk to those with whom it is near. To be confident in the skills of defense of a dog, it is better to go with her to classes to protect the owner. Any, even the most cowardly, dog will protect your family literally after several sessions with a literate person.

Education and training of the German Shepherd.

Education. To educate and grow a German shepherd obedient, complaisant dog, affectionate with children and devoted to their masters, you must first earn her respect, show your authority. To do this, you will have to become stronger, but not physically, but morally. However, even having earned the respect of a dog and having established itself in her eyes as a leader, the owners will have to confirm their status repeatedly. This does not mean that you will have to constantly fight with your dog, you just need to take seriously to education, become stronger character. In any case, the shepherd will always forgive the owner for a temporary decline in mood, and will always be ready to raise the vitality of the joint paddock.

German Shepherd dog lies

Despite the shepherd's need for a well-structured hierarchy, it's hard to say that raising a puppy of a German shepherd or an adult dog is a difficult process, requiring a deep immersion in the study of books on cynology and bringing to the education of all the specialists of your city. Yes, the puppy will be always naughty and cunning, guessing all the new riddles, but the patient and consistent owner will systematically teach the puppy, solve problems when they arise and, most importantly, have time to enjoy the communication with the pet.

By the way, you can entrust getting pleasure from communicating with a puppy to children who are already 9-10 years old, and they should understand how to behave with a dog. But children can never do without the participation of their parents! You study first! They will be older - you will be able to assign to them all responsibility for care.

Training. The ignorant in training people naively believe that the training of the German shepherd will be given to them much easier than the training of any other breed. One can not dispute the fact that sheep dogs are fucking smart dogs, capable of the most diverse training, but the process of their training can not be called easy, especially for a beginner. His brain activity is a cunning creature that will direct the execution of the host's commands only if it receives a sufficient incentive to execute them. If the stimulus is not enough, she will do everything possible to save herself from work and pobazdelnichat.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use a mechanical stimulus (punishment) as an incentive, but one can not teach the dog, but using the best stimulus - delicacies - a shepherd with a hunter will practice and will be ready for anything to get a piece of yummy. Why not use it? Delicacy affects all dogs, especially the one that the dog loves the most. Moreover, it is better to achieve the performance of the team so that in the animal's memory the team is associated with something good, pleasant. Also, it is worth remembering the power of master's praise, which the dog generously gives for the correctly executed team.

very cute shepherd puppy

In general, beginners should immediately go to the training, and if you are going to entrust the child with the training of a German shepherd, then it is better to do this not earlier than the child turns 9-10 years old. As you understand, it would be foolish to completely entrust the child with the training of a sheep-dog, since it is parents who should know how to educate a dog, how to teach it to the main teams.

Health of the German Shepherd.

Health. It is not difficult to monitor the health of a German shepherd. The main thing to feed the animal is not from the table, but to cook food separately, adding fresh meat, vegetables and other products to the diet, giving vitamins, or feeding high-quality dry food. In order to visit the vet only once a year (for mandatory vaccination), pay attention to physical activity, walking, treatment from parasites.

The health of the German Shepherd depends on heredity and, of course, on the owner himself. The process of feeding and care you can control yourself, but if you choose not a healthy puppy, you will have to spend money on his treatment. Common dental diseases include dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, spine diseases, ear infections, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, skin allergy.

How to choose a puppy and which gender to prefer?

How to choose a puppy? The price of the issue. The price of a German Shepherd puppy depends on why you buy a dog, that is, the price will vary depending on the puppy's class. Someone needs a pedigree dog, which is promised first places at exhibitions, and someone just needs a guard for the house and, in combination, a loyal, reliable friend. In general, ask yourself if you get a puppy with the prospect of exhibitions and breeding, or you are not happy with this prospect and do not care.

The cost of a puppy of a German shepherd SHOW-class from a famous manufacturer will be at least $ 800, and sometimes can reach up to $ 1500 and more. For the BRID-class (dogs that are promising for breeding) will be asked to 800-1000 $. PET puppies are asked for a lot less, and be sure that a puppy of this class knows how to be friends no worse, and he is as promising as a defender. PET class means only that the dog will not be able to participate in exhibitions, and for breeding with the purpose of obtaining puppies they will take animals from BRID and SHOW-class. On the complexity of education, training, measure of mind or other characteristics of the puppy class does not affect.

To learn more about the breed, watch the video about the German Shepherd below. I wish you pleasant viewing.

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