Why does the dog behave strangely and how to react to it?


Strange dog

Were you surprised by the behavior of your pet? Surely he chudil, thus causing you bewilderment or even a slight shock. Now we will consider the most common variants of behavior that our pets surprise us with.

  1. . Simulation of sexual intercourse . Some dogs, not only males, imitate a sexual act with toys, surrounding furniture or a master's leg. But this behavior can not be called abnormal. Thus, the dog simply tries to relieve stress. It can not be punished for this, otherwise there may be problems with reproduction in the future. It is better to help the dog get rid of excess energy and go for a good walk, not forgetting to play games. Physical activity will help the animal calm down.
  2. . Eating grass . Dogs eat a certain kind of grass. For us, it looks strange, but in this way the beast cleanses the stomach. Harm from this, no, but if the pet eats too much grass, it is better to contact the veterinarian.
  3. . Eating of excrement . For a dog to eat their own waste is normal. Interestingly, some puppies and dogs eat their excrement in order to hide them from their host and avoid punishment. In this case, you need to be not so strict with the pet when accustoming to the toilet.
  4. Since the dog's digestive system works very efficiently, the animal receives a lot of nutrients from the litter. The bad thing is that a dog can lick you in the face after eating such a "delicacy", and therefore the habit of eating shit should be removed by applying the "fu" command during the process of eating them. Read how to teach a dog the command "Fu" .

  5. . Twitching in a dream . Have you noticed how a sleeping dog pulls his paws through a dream, as if he is running after someone? Sometimes body movement is supplemented by a quiet barking and whining. Most likely, the beast sees a dream. Which one? In the near future our pets will keep this a secret.
  6. . Sniffing . When they meet with their own kind, dogs sniff. This impartial process for the representatives of canine - a normal way of acquaintance and communication. Perhaps you guessed that sniffing you, the dog receives no less information than sniffing other dogs.
  7. . Persecution of your tail . It looks very funny when puppies run after their own tail. This behavior is a way for a dog to learn his body. Running after your own tail can be considered a problem if the beast is hung up on it, spending too much time with one's own limb. In this case it is better to contact a specialist to solve the problem.

    The problem is most likely that the dog does not receive enough physical exertion and pursuit of his own tail is a way to relieve nervous tension. Whatever it was, the owner should devote more time to walking the dog.

  8. . Passion for garbage . Some dogs will consider it the greatest pleasure to roll out all over in a rotten body or a heap of some garbage. You should not allow this, and it's better to interrupt the pet's ecstasy with the "fu" command. Why does a dog do this? It's a great way to hide your smell from prey, otherwise the victim will know about the approach of a predator ahead of time!
  9. Copious saliva. It is perfectly normal, if during the preparation of a delicious lunch Sitting beside the dog, he drooled. However, profuse salivation throughout the day can be a symptom of some kind of health problem. In this case, it is better to contact the veterinarian.
  10. . Ass on the floor . It's hard to describe how the dog does it, so it's better to picture this pirouette with a picture. The dog simply sits on the floor and begins to move around the floor at the fifth point. Perhaps he has worms, or problems with glands, which should be dealt with by a specialist.
  11. . Back sneezing . The phenomenon is very rare, and is typical for some breeds. With the back sneezing, the dog makes a short sound similar to grunting, then stretches out the neck, strains the muscles of the chest and freezes. It may seem that the dog suffocates, but it is not. The attack appears suddenly, but also disappears suddenly. You can help the pet and do the following:
  12. Погладьте собаку по горлу – она сглотнёт и это приведёт к расслаблению мышц. I. Stroke the dog in the throat - it swallows and it will lead to muscle relaxation.

    II. With one hand, fix the dog's head, and the second hold both nostrils to block air access for a second. This will cause the animal to open its mouth and swallow air, which contributes to the rapid extinction of the attack.

    III. With one hand, close the nostrils of the dog, and the other - stroke your throat. So the dog will open its mouth and sigh, which will also benefit the recession. It is better to contact the veterinarian if the reverse sneezing makes itself felt too often.

  13. . The shepherd's instinct . Some dogs have so developed shepherd's instincts that they will tend to graze everyone around. The natural instinct of shepherds is the desire to control, collect all, organizing a herd, and to stop chaos. Their instinct desperately needs expression, literally everything in the canine nature says to be grazed. Conclusion: it is better to reduce the desire for grazing of family members and domestic animals with physical loads.
  14. . Fear of loud sounds . The dog can be afraid of gunshots, thunder and loud sounds in general. How to cope with the fears of a dog - read the article under the link. Any problem can be solved with the active participation of the host.
  15. . Licking paws . It is only natural that dogs lick their paws, as this is part of the process of caring for themselves. But if the dog licks its paws before the hair falls and the formation of open wounds, then clearly there are problems. Culprits can be fungal skin infections or banal allergies. Go to the vet if your dog often lick his paws.

Our pets can really behave strangely. But you, as a master, can control everything and help a four-legged friend to recover. A list of strange behavior could be continued by personal observations of the hosts. Write in the comments below, does your dog behave strangely? And look at the wonderful video below, in which the dog behaves really strange.

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