How to help a dog cope with the fear of people, animals and loud sounds?


the dog is afraid

What if the dog is afraid of gunshots, thunder rolls or loud noises at all? But what if she is afraid of her own kind or of people, how to save the dog from fear? In fact, it is not difficult to save a pet from fear if you give it a little time and invest your personal efforts.

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The dog is afraid of gunshots and loud sounds: what to do?

  1. . What to do if the dog is afraid of shots . If you know that soon salute begins, it is better to immediately put a dog on the collar and fasten the leash (short). It is possible and without a lead, only one collar. When the salute starts to sound, you just set the dog near your foot, and you will not let it go anywhere, except at your foot.
  2. Also, do not let the position change from sitting to lying down or getting up. . All that a dog should do is sit . You can put it instead of sitting. The main thing is that all the time the salute she was near the foot. Do not calm the dog, just hold it by the collar and, when necessary, strictly sit beside your foot.

    To work out the team , the "sit" command is useful, but for perseverance, read about how to work out the shutter speed . By the way, endurance is the basis of training.

    After the end of the explosions, encourage the dog if it is nearby and sits. If the salute caught you at home suddenly, then learn to cope without a collar, or dress it on the go. When it explodes in the street, then just set the dog beside it. The trouble is that the dog can escape from fear, so you can only accustom the dog to loud sounds (about what below) yourself, as well as persistently train the team "to me . " Give her special attention! Then the dog will hear the owner's team, no matter how distracted.

  3. . How to accustom the dog to loud shots . Buy 10 pieces of firecrackers, and better - a pack and a few more things firecrackers help. After that, wear a collar on the dog, fasten the leash and go to a place where there are not enough people and you will not disturb anyone. First walk the dog and try to take as much energy as possible from it. Then put the dog near your foot at the command "sit". Remember that she should not go anywhere, but just sit next to her.
  4. Hold the pet by the leash, then set fire to the firecracker and throw it at a safe distance. After the explosion, if the dog has changed position or got up - put her immediately into the position in which she was before the explosion - that is, she was sitting.

    Be persistent - only the dog changed the position, then immediately set it back. When she sits quietly for 10 seconds, then you can say "sit, well," once. Do not praise the dog, just say in a calm voice "sit, well" and everything.

    Take a short break (from 20 seconds to 1 minute) between throws of firecrackers. Total throw for one lesson 2-4 firecrackers. After 1-2 days, repeat the procedure. In total, do 5-6 of these classes, which will blow up firecrackers and accustom the dog to the shots.

    It is the training of dogs that promotes better obedience in general and allows you to control the dog in any situation, whether it's a salute, a cat, or a car suddenly turned around from a corner. Learn at least the most necessary commands for dogs (next, sit, lie, to me, fu).

What to do if the dog is afraid of other dogs.

  1. How to teach a dog or a puppy not to be afraid of other dogs? The more animals communicate with their own kind, the more experience they are typed. Let your puppy communicate as much as possible with other puppies and dogs. Find and your friend's pet friend. As soon as the dog understands that having met a dog it is possible to spend a good time behind a joint game, soon it will cease to be afraid of them.
  2. . In general, a medicine for fear is better - communication with your own kind . Also, you can take the dog on a leash and go for a walk in the private sector, where there are many other dogs. First you need to read how to accustom the dog to the team next to and teach her a pet, otherwise without this command it will not work. After training, just go to the private sector and, every few minutes, stop and do the rest for 10-15 seconds. Do what the dog does is just what you want. Do not let her get up without a command!

    Walking around the yards, you will learn to control the dog better, and she will take it easy to treat her brethren. In general, just find your pet friends. Let him learn to not be afraid of communication.

What if the dog is afraid of people?

  1. . How to teach a dog not to be afraid of people . This issue is especially worried about the owners of serious breeds, who took the dog not only for the role of family friend, but also for her defender. If you have a dog that is not "serious" breed, then do not worry about fear, it's best to study it. The owners of the same breeds created for protection and protection, let them read how to develop anger in the dog .
  2. не волнуйтесь по поводу страха питомца. In a nutshell: do not worry about the fear of the pet. Better seriously engage in education and training, and fear of people will take classes to protect the owner. Be sure that even the most timid animal will fight for the owner with the bravery of a lion. It is enough to invest a little personal effort, and, of course, money to pay for the work of a cynologist. But it's worth it! Moreover, it is possible to train for defense against 2 or more opponents.

Fear of salutes and thunderstorms is also not a problem. A little persevering action and the dog will be at peace even to a shot from the tank.

That's all. By the way, did you notice how a puppy or dog barked at something, but was afraid to come closer. For example, the beast barked at some noise in the dark. If possible, approach the noise site closer - then the dog will see that the owner is not afraid, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Most likely, it will come as close as you can. This procedure will make the dog much bolder.

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