How to disaccustom jump paws to the owner of a puppy or a dog?


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It does not matter why a pet jumps at you. The main thing is you will learn how to wean the puppy and the dog to jump on the master or people. In the process of weaning from this bad habit, there is nothing complicated. Just need to make a few simple gestures, discussed below. As always as short as possible, but available.

How to disaccustom a dog to jump on the owner?

, поэтому отучать прыгать на себя и людей нужно только без физического наказания. Puppy up to 3 months can not be punished , so we must not learn to jump on ourselves and people only without physical punishment.

  1. . Ignoring . At the moment of jumping the dog on you just turn to her back. Turn away as much as it will jump. After several vain attempts, the dog will calm down and stop jumping. It's time to sit down and smooth it. It is important to squat, and not to stroke standing, as the dog can not resist and jump on you with your paws. By the way, this is a very effective and most harmless way.
  2. . Punishment at the time of the jump . When the dog jumps on you with paws, give a strict command "fu" and push it away. You can make an effort to kick the horse in the chest at the moment of the jump. It is enough 1-2 times that the dog no longer jumps on the owner.
  3. . A dog jumps on passers-by . If the dog jumps on familiar to you on the road or to strangers, then at the time of the throw, give a strict command "fu" and make a leap leash to yourself. Then proceed according to the situation: either command "next" and go on, or say "sit" and stop. That is, do as you need in this situation.

As you can see, to wean a dog or a puppy to jump on people and the owner is simple. By the way, that during the walk it was easier to control the pet, the team is useful near , and it is generally useful to know how to teach the dog commands to be able to control the dog and thus control its behavior. with the help of negative reinforcement. The materials have many useful recommendations and details.

Below, look at the short, but very funny video about just a cool breed :)

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