How to wean a puppy or a dog to pick up food on the street?


How to disaccustom a dog is from the floor

Eaten from the floor poison can be fatal to the dog. Now you will learn how to disaccustom a dog to pick up food on the street so that you can start working on solving this problem as soon as possible.

It is not easy to pick up a dog on the street, it's in their nature. But since the ancient dog custom is from the earth can be deadly, it is necessary to go against nature. You can begin to wean from the floor at any age, but until the age of 3 months you need to work without physical punishment. It's better to just take the puppy from the puppy, which he wanted to eat.

How to disaccustom a dog or a puppy to pick up food from the earth on the street?

  1. . At home . Never let a dog or puppy eat food from the ground! Even if you gave a treat with your hand, and it accidentally fell, it is better to throw away the delicacy. That is, never anything a dog should not eat from the floor. If you see how she picks food from the floor, immediately give the command "fu" and punish. Be sure to read how to punish the dog .
  2. . On a leash . For example, you stroll with a pet on a leash, when suddenly he lifted something from the ground. Immediately give the command "fu" and make a strict jerk leash. Again going to eat the same food? Then make a jerk leash even stricter. Always punish the dog physically for trying to take food from the floor or the ground!
  3. Remember that jerks from the leash will not be useful if they are too weak. Also, the dog can take food every time, but throwing it will barely hear "fu". Then remember that for every attempt to take food from the floor you need to punish, and each time more and more. Of course, there will be enough palpable sensation or a slip, and there is no sense "to beat to the blood."

  4. . For a walk . When the dog walks without a fastened leash and you saw how a few meters away from you it eats some kind of muck, then immediately give the threatening command "fu" and punish. If you can get it, then just run up and slap your palm. You can arm yourself with a thin slip, which will help get to the ass puppy.
  5. As an option - to command "Fu" and throw a pet in a collapsed leash or other thing that is not capable of injuring. With the accuracy of many of the problems, so use a slice.

    If the pet is very clever and quirky, or the owner is phlegmatic, then during the weaning should be fastened to the dog's collar usual leash at the time of walking. Let the dog run with him, so that it is easier to catch and punish / take the muck from the mouth. Is it difficult to catch with a regular leash? Then buy a leash longer, at least 10 meters. With him it will be definitely easier to catch a prankster.

  6. . Artificial workout . On the street scatter a treat on the territory of 3-4 meters. Go with the dog on a leash to this place, and if she takes food from the floor - immediately punish her with a leash of leash! Punish each time more severely, that is, the force of punishment should be sufficient to ensure that the dog does not want to pick up food.
  7. Interesting articles.

    Training dogs is very important if you really want to learn how to control a dog in any (!) Situations.

    Walk a little in the radius of the scattered food (2-3 minutes), and then go in for dog training or just play. After a while, you can again walk around the territory covered with delicacy. Work on weaning 2-3 times a week for a month. In the future, it will be enough once in 1-2 months to check the dog, throwing a treat and passing through this territory, thereby checking it.

    Note that the food should be coveted, tasty for the dog. Consequently, the types of treats need to be changed for, so to speak, a lot of efficiency.

  8. . For residents of the private sector . An animal can be poisoned by transferring a treat with poison through the fence. But for a well-thought master this is not a problem! Ask your friend to pass the yard over the fence. When the dog runs up and starts eating food - immediately run out and pick it up with a slip on the ass. Punish very strictly for trying to eat from the floor! . It is better to find an excuse to encourage the animal later for good behavior or the executed command, but to punish for eating from the floor should always and strictly .
  9. Let your assistant throw food, passing by the yard, several more times. Then repeat the process, ideally, 2-3 times a week for a month. When the dog stops picking in the yard from the floor, it will be necessary to remind her once every 1-2 months, calling for help from a friend that there is also no floor in the yard.

    If the dog does not take food in the presence of the owner, but eats when it is not, then you need to hide, and then ask the friend to throw the food. So you can look out of hiding and, if necessary, run up and punish. In general, it is necessary to be cunning.

Also, as an option, it makes sense to scatter a few slices of food near the fence. Take care that the dog does not eat them from the shelter. As soon as they start eating, run up and punish. ! Old old- fashioned methods work in 100% of cases ! Do not use electric collars and other nonsense - do not throw money away. Also, it is not particularly effective to put mustard in food or feed the current. Dogs learn to distinguish between danger or tasteless food.

Now you know how to wean a dog or a puppy to take food on the street from the ground. Below, watch the video in the topic. Just about weaning to pick up disgusting!

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