How to wean a puppy or a dog to gnaw things in the house?


the dog gnawers things

How to wean a puppy or a dog to chew on furniture, rip off wallpaper, tear off master shoes, gnaw on wires and all other things in general? What if the dog gnaws? The article will tell you everything you need to know for a newcomer-doggie about weaning from this bad habit.

Puppy will surely soothe the cutting teeth. But the fact that he will gnaw, and whether valuable things will suffer at the same time, completely depends on the owner. Be smarter than a dog - this quality is useful throughout life together.

How to wean a dog to gnaw things in the house?

  1. Find the "sharpener for teeth." To divert the attention of the puppy from valuable things, you just need to find something more attractive to him. The pet store sells many different bones that are safe for canine teeth and stomach. If some kind of delicacy does not attract a puppy, then just take another, or buy some smoked sausage and rub her bone. Then the puppy will get enthusiastic to gnaw it.
  2. Be sure to find a more attractive alternative to the surrounding furniture and things in the form of all sorts of pet shops. To give real bones is not entirely safe, and therefore it is better not to give them at all.

    Make sure that the puppy always had something to chew on. If it is not attracted by the current sharpener, it's best to find something more interesting.

  3. . Take all the valuable things away . When a puppy or a dog remains alone at home, then during the weaning period it is better to eat things in one room alone with bones, toys and other canine joys. Valuable things from the room should be removed in advance.
  4. Interesting articles.

    How to teach the dog the team fu ? Prepare to be moderately strict, otherwise from punishment there will be no sense.

    . Punishment . At the moment when you saw how the dog is gnawing things - you should immediately punish it. It is necessary to punish only when the dog is chewing shoes, furniture and other things, and not when it has already eaten them. That is, it is pointless to punish for already bitten wires and a torn pillow after the dog has long done it. Punish only when you catch a pet at the crime scene. Only in this way will he understand what the host needs.
  5. the dog does not feel guilty

    . Learn to properly punish the dog . As soon as you find a puppy gnawing something - immediately approach, command "Fu" and punish with a slap of the palm on the rump (ass). Do not hit the animal in the face or other parts of the body, this simply does not make sense. If the dog disobeyed you and continued to chew on the thing, then it is necessary to punish more severely. Be sure that the pet will not listen to you if the punishment is weak.

    In the process of education and training, punishment plays an important role. Read how to train a dog teams with negative reinforcement - there is useful information for those whose pup does not obey the command "Fu" and other important for everyday co-existence of the team.

In the case of abstinence, gnawing at home requires:

Время и постоянство . I. Time and constancy . At once to wean the puppy to gnaw things will not work, so you'll have to cheat until he learns good manners. To cope faster, watch the puppy in his spare time, punishing him in time for tricks.

II. . Correct work of the owner . In addition to consistency, it is important to learn to distract your attention with toys and other delicacies. It is even more important to learn how to properly punish a dog.

III. . Patience . Know that if you work, 100% will work out! Have patience and do self-study.

That's all. Now you know how to wean a puppy to gnaw things, furniture, wallpapers and other interior items. After the host's actions the puppy will understand that it is better to gnaw a bone than what is given for the ass. Roughly, but sometimes punishment is appropriate.

The video below is just in the subject of the article. The video is quite interesting, but it's better to forget about the existence of the cell! In the case of weaning, it certainly will not help! Do not waste money.

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