How to disaccustom the dog to bite at the hands of the owners?


How to disaccustom a dog to bite your hands

Does your dog want to bite your hand? How to disaccustom the dog to bite at the hands and feet of the owners, who are already all already bitten? Cope with such behavior is nowhere easier!

All small puppies allow themselves to bite the master hands. Actually, curious teeth taste everything. True, quite often adult dogs bite their hands. Someone will say that if the dog touches the owner with a mouth, then, by the same token, she shows her disrespect. Do not bother with this, the main thing is that next to the dog was comfortable and she listened to the owner.

You can let the puppy or dog bite your hands, and this will not affect your upbringing in any way. Another thing is that you already got this habit or you are corny painful.

How to disaccustom a dog to bite the hands and feet of the owners?

  1. . Distract the game . Puppy up to 3 months can not be punished, and indeed, it is better to switch the dog's attention from the master's hands to something more interesting. When she tries to get to your hands, just take your favorite dog toy and turn your attention to it. This can be done when you sit, and the dog starts to playfully bite your hands. Or if you just play with a dog, and she is in the process of playing and strives to bite her hand.
  2. . Be sure that you need to play the dog, to interest her with a toy . Be artistic! To me, hundreds of people complained that the dog is hopeless and bites only the hands. But this is only because the owners could not interest the pet. Do something to play your dog! You are the master! Fool a little and she will definitely support you.

  3. . Punishment . The dog can bite his hands in the process of the game, and grab the legs while moving around the house. In this case the team "fu" is useful. Just say strictly "fu" when the dog bites his hands or feet. It is enough to say this command, and perhaps reinforce the punishment, so that the dog no longer bites his legs or hands.
  4. Of course, he must know this command. You can teach her to bite her hands in the process of weaning.

  5. . Not now . As stated above, there is nothing wrong with the pet biting his hands. You can forbid to bite right now, gently saying "you can not" and push the dog aside. I did not get that? Make it stricter. Over time, you will learn to forbid the animal from doing something right now, without prohibiting it at all.

Or do not fool yourself and just forbid biting your hands. It is better to take the toy and go play. Either try to teach the dog to the team "aport" - an excellent team for full-fledged walking. Also, be sure to learn how to train a dog commands with an irritant.

Now you know how to wean the dog to bite the hands of the owners. Be sure to check out the short video below, dedicated to the cool breed;)

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