What to do and how to disaccustom the dog to foul and write in the house?



There is nothing difficult in the process of teaching to the toilet. Read carefully how to wean the dog to write at home and immediately proceed to solve the problem. Kicking a dog at home will be quicker if you work properly and at first give your pet more attention. The article is written in plain language, and therefore you should be easier to understand the stages of weaning from a bad habit.

The owners of the puppies must first read how to teach the puppy to the toilet on the street , and then, if this problem occurs with age, try to wean the puppy to recover in unplaced places.

How to disaccustom an adult dog to shit and write at home?

  1. When you see how the dog has crouched and is going to (or is already doing) doing its own affairs, you need to apply the "fu" command. Approach the dog, say "fu" and slap into the area of ​​the croup. . Punishment should not be strong, but not weak, otherwise the dog will not care . Try to understand how to punish the dog correctly, that is, so that she understands that she is being punished, but also so as not to harm.
  2. Remember that you can not punish a dog for a puddle, which she did not in the presence of the owners. It's too late to punish the animal, even if it made a heap, and you saw it after 10 seconds. About the common mistakes dog breeders in the education of a puppy read the link.

  3. Stormily praise the dog when it recovers in the street. That is, every time a dog does business on the street - generously praise her, stroke and even you can treat him with a delicacy.

приучения любой собаки к туалету! These are the two most golden rules for accustoming any dog ​​to the toilet! Just punish if the dog crap at home and praise if it recovers in the street.

To the dog realized that the owner wants from her, she needs time. Be consistent in your prohibitions and be sure to encourage the animal. Better, of course, if you stayed at home from 4 to 14 days, and at that time you were disaccustomed to going to the toilet at home. Either those member families who are at home can do this.

Also remember that you need to often bring your dog to the toilet. At the beginning of the training, take about 4-5 times, and then reduce the number of exits to the street to three (you can more often, as you like). To withdraw is necessary after eating, prolonged sleep and play. And best of all - look specifically on your dog.

The dog refuses to go to the toilet on the street and waits for the house.

Sometimes it happens that the dog suffers hard on the street in order to recover in the usual place - at home. In this case, you need to "force" the dog to go to the toilet. How?

  1. . Take a walk longer . Feed the dog and, after a while, go for a walk. Surely she wants to go to the toilet, but she will tolerate it. Then you walk a little longer. Then the dog will not stand and will sit down for their affairs. It's time to praise her! Then just praise the dog for going to the toilet on the street, and punish if she walks at home.
  2. . Play the games . Active games are not only useful for physical development and establishing contact with the host, but also for teaching to the toilet. Play well during the paddock, and then the dog can not stand it for long. Play longer if circumstances so require, but be sure that this method is very effective.
  3. . Take water with you . For every walk it is reasonable to take water and a bowl for it. Running, playing and drinking water, the animal just wants to go to the toilet. Be sure to praise for the long-awaited puddle or pile on the street.
  4. . Find friends for your pet . With them your dog will run and frolic. This, of course, makes him want to go to the toilet. Also, the dog will watch how her brethren calmly recover, without waiting for the trip home. Perhaps, she will repeat for them and will go to the toilet on the street. In general, why not try?

Surely one of the ways will help you. With all this, it is necessary to punish the dog, if it makes trouble at home, and to praise the toilet on the street.

. As you understand, to disaccustom a dog or a puppy to foul and write at home takes time . Equally important is the great patience, and even more important - to work properly. Then any problem you solve as quickly as possible.

Also, please be positive about watching the video below. A positive attitude is extremely necessary for you and the correct approach to the education of the pet.

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