Correction of dog behavior

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Solving problems of behavior of dogs and puppies. What are the most common behavioral problems and how to correct behavior of the pet? In the article you will find a solution to all the problems in the behavior, and you can also use links to more detailed materials. What if the dog does not obey the commands of the host? How to be the master if the dog does not obey him? The reason for disobedience, often, is one - this is a missed process of parenting. Therefore, you need to seriously take on your dog, so as soon as possible to fix it.
How to disaccustom a dog to bark in the street and at home? How to cope with the barking of a dog, which has become too much and out of place? It is possible to exclude the dog from barking at home or outdoors by passers-by, however, it will take a lot of personal time and effort to do this. How to disaccustom a dog to write and make shit at home? If your already grown-up dog has taken the habit of recovering at home in your absence, or does not hesitate to make a heap with you, then the advice from the article below will help you correct the behavior of the animal and accustom it to the toilet.
How to disaccustom a dog or a puppy to pick up food on the street? Picking up something on the street or off the floor in the courtyard of a private house / villa, the dog can get poisoned. There are enough detractors, and therefore one should not neglect such a thing as the abortion to take food from the ground on the street. How to teach a dog not to take food from strangers? Again, taking a meal from an ill-wisher, the dog can poison. In addition, this way it can be stolen. Feed the dog so that she does not want to take it from strangers, and also work with the dog by calling an assistant.
The command "fu": how correctly to punish a dog or a puppy? Without punishment, there is no way. At a young age, the dog will often hear this command, and eventually it will be needed, but not so often. Be sure to learn to punish the pet correctly, without overdoing it with force. How to wean a dog or a puppy to gnaw things of the owner? All small puppies, without exception, are engaged in gnawing things up. This can be corrected if you switch attention from the right items to all kinds of toys and tooth sharpeners (bones from the pet store).
How to cope with the fears of a dog? Your dog is afraid of people, animals, other people or loud noises. Whatever the fear of the dog, only the owner can help his pet once and for all to finish it. It is completely within your power! Strange behavior of dogs. How to explain and how to react? It happens that the behavior of a dog or a puppy confuses the owner, who is accustomed to oil logically. There is an explanation for all the behavior, so if your beast chudes, the article will help to find the answers to the questions.
How to disaccustom a dog to bite your hands? It is difficult to imagine a dog walking without knowing the team "next". Of course, the dog should not walk on a leash, but with the ability to run in the fresh air, but to go on a leash it should be strictly near the left foot. How to disaccustom a dog or puppy to jump on the owner at a meeting? Dogs and puppies always try to reach the host's face in a jump. Usually, this happens when you meet. To fix this, you just need to make a few movements with your body. Details are further in the material on the link.
How to wean a puppy or an adult dog? How to disaccustom from the cheek puppy, which has just been taken into the house, or a dog that whines hardly the master leaves the house? It will take a little effort, but in this case, a positive result is guaranteed! The dog is pissed off with excitement and joy: how to react? If a puppy or a dog is writing from emotions, then it is impossible to punish them for this! Puddles on the floor, oddly enough, the dog is trying to convey to you, as it seems to be very important information. Which one? Details in the article.

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